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Real estate vets: TRData’s construction dashboard can tell you how much is being built in NYC

December 15, 2017 01:51PM

(Click to launch dashboard)

The Department of Buildings last month released an interactive dashboard that charts 2017 construction across the five boroughs. While this dashboard is impressive and contains a variety of useful information for the New York City real estate industry, TRData took it as a challenge.

TRData has been tracking every project with at least 5,000 square feet or 5 residential units filed with the Department of Buildings since 2009 to create a comprehensive pipeline for our reporters at The Real Deal. We follow each project through the development process as builers receive their permits, file for their temporary certificate of occupancy and complete their building. After seeing the Department of Buildings dashboard, the obvious next step for us was to chart our pipeline into a visual, interactive dashboard of our own.

In addition to more in-depth versions of many of the charts included in the Department of Buildings dashboard, such as the number of jobs filed in each borough and a map of those filings, TRData’s dashboard takes it a step further by including the number of temporary certificates of occupancy filed and issued across the city. Additionally, TRData’s dashboard includes a comprehensive list of hundreds of developers and the number of square feet and residential units they’ve created across their numerous projects. We’ve identified these developers beyond the anonymous LLC they’ve filed with to create a reliable list of developers that cannot be found anywhere else.

The ultimate downside of the Department of Buildings construction dashboard is that you’re forced to take them at their word that these numbers are completely accurate. TRData’s dashboard was created using our pipeline, which can be easily purchased for the purpose of market reports, lead generation or a variety of other uses. Each project filed contains over 60 columns of information such as property details, developer contact information and permit progress.

Click here to view TRData’s comprehensive construction dashboard

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