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Why this free house is too good to be true

Nothing is ever truly free
December 16, 2017 12:56PM

(U.S. Air Force photo/Alan Boedeker; Pixabay)

A couple in Iowa is selling their house for nothing — so long as you can drive off with it.

The deal is that Linda and Roger Dolecheck will let you buy their house for free so long as you physically move the 2 and a half story structure off their property, the New York Post reports.

The century-old, four-bedroom is valued about about $52,000 but, after trying to sell the house six times since 2013, they’ve lowered the price to nothing as, they hope, an incentive to get it sold.

The listing is posted on Craigslist and, though they’ve gotten some interested buyers, the $0 price tag is not incentive enough.

“[There was] always interest in it — people would come,” said Dolecheck to the Post. “But moving a house takes a lot of time and money.”

The Dolechecks’ built a new home about 100 yards away from the house they’re selling in 2010 but just couldn’t bear the idea of tearing down the house they raised their children in.

[NYP] — Erin Hudson