Developers, view every Manhattan building operated by the city’s top property managers

December 19, 2017 02:40PM

From left: 770 Park Avenue and 840 Park Avenue (Credit: CityRealty)

Developing new condo, co-op and rental buildings in New York City takes a tremendous amount of knowledge and effort. Even once the project is complete and tenants begin moving in, the owner of the property has several weighty decisions to make. One of those important questions is whether or not to use a property manager and if so, which one? The company managing your property will greatly influence the tenant’s perception of the building and even your development firm. Ensuring that the right property manager is in control of that influence is a pivotal step in creating a successful development.

TRData has combed through PLUTO and Department of Housing Preservation and Development records to create a vetted list of the top 20 property managers in Manhattan, ranked by the number of units they manage. These 20 property managers oversee more than 2,500 properties in Manhattan, accounting for over 174,000 condo, co-op and rental units.

Click here to download a sample of five properties, their building classes, property types, BBLs, number of residential units and property managers. The full dataset contains 2,593 buildings managed by the borough’s top property managers and represents an opportunity to choose the correct company to oversee your new development.

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