The UK’s top markets for investors

Liverpool and Nottingham are the top markets in the country: report
January 27, 2018 05:11PM

London in back. (Credit back to front: Pixabay; 401(K) 2012 Flickr)

According to a new report by Private Finance, Nottingham and Liverpool are the best spots to invest in real estate.

Both cities have average rental yields of about 6 percent thus far in 2018, bringing them to the top of the 50 cities surveyed for the report, according to Mansion Global.

Though the two cities reached the top ranked position from different starting places — Liverpool remains tied for first now despite seeing rental yields slip nearly 2 percent, while Nottingham’s 0.6 percent increase brought allowed the city to climb the rankings.

The news comes comes as the average two-year mortgage rates for rental properties hit a low not seen since 2012. [Mansion Global]Erin Hudson