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Jan.January 31, 2018 05:30 PM

Viewing online listings, pending contracts and closed sales are great ways for a brokerage to see which agents are leading the pack. If you’re a competing brokerage, the point in which you notice a swath of new agents with new listings may be too late to react accordingly.

Knowing that a competing firm is on a hiring spree in a particular area may be the information you need to hire more aggressively in that area or shy away all together. Conversely, a firm losing an inordinate number of agents in an area could be the tip off you need to concentrate on that area or avoid it as well.

TRData has combed through data from the Department of State’s Division of Licensing Services on a daily basis to create weekly and monthly analyses that track the number of new licenses, where agents are moving and which firms are growing and shrinking. Using these analyses proactively to monitor your competition can be excellent preparation for a changing market.

Each analysis includes the change in total number of agents in NYC, the change in agent numbers for each firm, the number of new firms that were licensed, the number of firms that are no longer licensed and the previous and new firms for every agent that made a change, allowing you to see which brokerages are poaching and from where.

Click here to download a free sample. This is an analysis of agent movement throughout the five boroughs between Jan. 1, 2018 and Jan. 31, 2018. Contact Derek Smith at [email protected] for pricing and a free custom sample.

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