Developers, build your own new development pipeline with TRData’s subscription service

February 09, 2018 02:55PM

When developing a building in New York City, knowledge is power. An out-of-town developer with hundreds of projects under their belt can still falter in the construction of a building if they aren’t intimately familiar with the borough, the neighborhood or even the block they’re developing on. Researching projects that are on the verge of coming available can be valuable and meaningful but nothing beats an omnipresent view of the entire city’s development pipeline.

TRData, The Real Deal’s comprehensive real estate data division, can provide you with that view. Since 2009 we’ve added every new building and A1 alteration job filed with the Department of Buildings and every plan submitted to the Attorney General’s Real Estate Finance Bureau into our new development pipeline, which tracks every project across the five boroughs as long as it has at least 5,000 square feet or five residential units. This pipeline, previously only available to our reporters and research team, is now available as a weekly or monthly subscription service.

On a weekly or monthly basis, we’ll send you every NB and A1 job filed with the Department of Buildings and alert you when a project receives its permit, when it files a temporary certificate of occupancy and when that temporary certificate of occupancy is issued. For those in the condo business, we also offer a weekly or monthly feed that will send you every project submitted to the Attorney General’s office, along with an alert when any project is accepted or made effective.

Each project you receive will include a wide array of property information, including BBL, job number, the proposed square footage, the proposed number of units and even the actual developer, identified beyond the anonymous LLC in which the job was filed (when possible).

Click here to download a free sample containing over 35 projects with recent activity. This sample includes the last five projects filed with the DOB, the last five projects that received permits from the DOB, the last five projects that filed for a TCO, the last five projects that were issued a TCO, the last five projects submitted to the Attorney General, the last five projects accepted by the Attorney General and the last five projects made effective by the Attorney General. This is the largest free sample we’ve ever provided and represents the first steps to build your own new development pipeline using our subscription service.

Contact Derek Smith at to discuss pricing and receive a custom sample.