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Four favorites to win Amazon’s HQ2

The tech giant has narrowed the competition for where to build its second headquarters down to 20 cities
February 11, 2018 05:54PM

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While there are officially 20 cities Amazon is deciding between, economists have singled out four stand-out contenders.

The four cities, all located in Southern states, are being called favorites by the Wall Street Journal due to their labor-markets and employment growth. Known as Sunbelt cities, they have the right mix of capable, highly-educated workers minus fierce competition from whom Amazon might have to fight to hire them away.

“There are some places like Boston that have a lot of well educated workers, but if you look at the unemployment rate…it would have a difficult time accommodating 50,000 new workers,” said Oxford Economics’ Matthew Mowell. Here are cities the that seem like the front-runners in the quest to bring Amazon to town:


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[WSJ]Erin Hudson