Commercial brokers, identify every building with retail space using TRData

February 22, 2018 01:55PM

Clockwise from top left: Renderings of 70 Vestry Street, 1205 Broadway and 146 Wooster Street

As the city’s retail market grows bleaker, commercial brokers have to work even harder to stay afloat. Making cold calls and putting rubber to pavement are necessary steps to making a buck as a retail broker but knowing your market may be just as important.

TRData, The Real Deal‘s data services division, can supply a commercial brokerage with every piece of information they’ll need to find the right space for their tenants, whether that be completed buildings or projects that have only just filed with the Department of Buildings.

Even a broker who has spent a considerable amount of time poking around on the Department of Buildings website will still be left in the dark for a large portion of projects. Every project filed with the DOB is given an occupancy classification that refers to the primary use of the building. Buildings with ground floor retail are given residential occupancy classifications if they contain more residential space than retail, which is normally the case. If you’re a broker looking for a quick, broad view of projects coming to market, you’ll likely miss a large swath of buildings that will contain retail units, ripe for leasing.

TRData is capable of supplying commercial brokers with a list of projects containing retail that are close to being completed. Alternatively, brokerages can sign up for our weekly or monthly subscription service, which will send you every project across the five boroughs that make any developmental progress, as long as they contain retail space.

Click here to download a free sample of projects with retail space that have made recent progress towards their completion. The sample contains two projects recently filed, two projects recently permitted, two projects that recently filed for a temporary certificate of occupancy and two projects that were recently issued a temporary certificate of occupancy.

Contact Derek Smith at to discuss pricing and to receive a custom sample.