Got your city’s priciest pad to sell? Call Michael Dell

The "mysterious buyer" has a well-established track record of buying up major real estate across the country
By Erin Hudson | February 25, 2018 12:15PM

If you’re a broker peddling your city’s most exclusive property, it might make sense to have Michael Dell on speed dial.

The computer mogul’s love of ultra-luxury homes runs deeper than his just-revealed purchase of the $100.5 million pad at Extell Development’s One57 penthouse, which holds the record of New York’s most expensive closed residential deal.

Dell is fond of setting records for splashy real estate buys throughout the U.S., with headline-grabbing deals in Boston, Hawaii and elsewhere. His latest? A penthouse in the building slated to become Boston’s tallest residential tower which he reportedly went into contract for in November last year.

Aside from personal properties, Dell’s investment fund MSD Capital, which he founded to manage his $20 billion-plus fortune, owns stakes in various real estate across Mexico and the states of Hawaii and California.

The fund focuses on investments in luxury hotel properties, commercial and multifamily residential, as well as land development deals, according to Business Insider. In New York, the fund has been a backer in projects like 45 Park Place by Sharif El-Gamal and owns stakes in Grand Central Terminal.

Check out some of Dell’s highlight reel.