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Scott Stringer’s broker brother owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes

Sources tell Post it could be political liability if comptroller pulled strings to help his brother get real estate jobs
April 09, 2018 10:00AM

Scott Stringer

Real estate broker David Stringer, brother of City Comptroller Scott Stringer, owes the Internal Revenue Service and the state Tax Department nearly $450,000 in back taxes, penalties and fees, according to a new report.

Stringer, 56, has a $270,775 tax lien that the Internal Revenue Service filed against him on August 6, 2012, the New York Post reported. And the state Tax Department filed two warrants against him: on from October 30, 2013 in the amount of $122,700 and another from March 23, 2017 for $5,174.

With penalties and fees, Stringer’s liability has grown to $175,595. He did not respond to requests for comment from the Post.

Stringer has a history of not paying his creditors. He filed for bankruptcy in 2011, and records show he failed to pay back $150,000 his former employer, Murray Hill Properties, had lent to him, the Post reported.

He also owed $10,000 to the landlord of an apartment he rented on the Upper West side at 303 West 74th Street, according to the paper.

“Stringer skipped out owing a lot of money,” said David Brown, the building’s manager. “I never had a worse tenant. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone.”

“He couldn’t hold on to a job,” Brown added. “He never cleaned up after his cats. Everything in the apartment stunk. We had to fumigate the apartment when he left. It took us months to get that apartment in shape.”

One source inside the Upper West Side’s Democratic Party told the Post that Stringer’s brother pulled strings in order to help him get jobs in real estate.

“David didn’t do well in real estate. He was terrible,” the insider said. “He was a screw-up. He was all show and no substance. David loved the high life.”

City Comptroller Scott Stringer declined to comment. [NYP]Rich Bockmann