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The 10 cities where people earn the highest average salaries

Four American cities snagged a spot in Deutsche Bank's annual global rankings
By Erin Hudson | May 27, 2018 12:00PM

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New Yorkers take home some of the highest salaries in the world every month.

Every year, Deutsche Bank does a little mapping exercise to determine the most powerful cities and one part of the survey includes take-home pay. These are the top 10 cities where the average resident took home the largest salaries per month (calculated after taxes).

Four American cities made the top 10, while some cities you might expect to rank higher didn’t; one example is London—the city came in just $7 shy.

10. Frankfurt, Germany — $3,389

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9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates — $3,447

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8. Copenhagen, Denmark — $3,462

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7. Chicago — $3,650

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6. Oslo, Norway — $3,664

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5. Boston — $3,740

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4. Sydney — $3,914

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3. New York City — $4,115

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2. San Francisco — $4,974

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1. Zurich — $5,764

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