No pooch left behind: Bill to protect pets during evictions advances

Proposal has passed state legislature and is heading to governor’s desk
June 20, 2018 12:20PM

(Credit: Pixabay)

A bill meant to prevent pets from getting left in homes during evictions is almost the law of the land in New York.

The bill has passed the state legislature and will now go to the governor’s desk to become a law, according to the New York Post. It would require officials carrying out eviction warrants to make sure any pets they find in the building are either brought back to their owners or properly taken care of if their owners cannot be found.

It aims to stop incidents like one that occurred last year in Brooklyn, when a family was locked out of their house while their dog spent two days stuck in a crate inside. The landlord let the dog’s owners inside to get their pet following a court order.

“No pet should ever be left behind and abandoned like an old couch,” state Sen. Jim Tedisco told the Post. “Those executing eviction notices and those leaving their home have a responsibility to make sure to check the property so an animal is not left behind to die.” [NYP] – Eddie Small