How Carbondale, CO became a luxurious hot spot

Hint: a former French Laundry chef has something to do with
June 24, 2018 03:58PM

Carbondale. (Credit: Pixabay)

It’s human nature to follow our stomachs to greener pastures–an instinct chef Seth O’Donovan banked on when setting up her restaurant in the tiny ranching town of Carbondale.

O’Donovan is known for working at chef Thomas Keller’s three Michelin star restaurant in Napa Valley, The French Laundry. She’s since founded her own restaurant in the seemingly unlikely place of small-town Colorado, according to Bloomberg.

The setting of Cardondale is actually the ideal spot, however, for O’Donovan’s experimental farm-to-table dining experience that could just as likely occur al fresco near an enclosure for horses or in a tree house.

By 2020, O’Donovan plans to turn her restaurant into an eight-room five-star hotel, but until then other culinary greats from nearby Aspen are following her lead and moving to Carbondale. Among them are sushi chef Kenichi Kanada as well as Mladen Todorovic and Kyle Raymond, who are known for their seafood restaurant in Aspen, “Grey Lady.” [Bloomberg]Erin Hudson