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This designer renovated her townhouse by polling her Instagram followers

Kate Rumson's 1.8 million followers weighed in on her redesign via polling
July 28, 2018 06:37PM

Kate Rumson. (Credit from left: Instagram @katerumson, Instagram, Pxhere)

Don’t let anyone tell you Instagram is just for fun.

Designer Kate Rumson used her Insta-fame to renovate her 1,900-square-foot townhouse in Matawan, New Jersey by polling her nearly 2 million followers about everything from wallpaper to light fixtures. The reno cost her $150,000–more than half of the price she paid for the home itself, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Though Rumson paid out of pocket for the transformation, some of the products she chose were donated by manufacturers and designers whom she already works with as a consultant. Instagram influencers with more than 1 million followers can earn about $15,000 for a sponsored post. She did not disclose to the Journal which products were donated in exchange for being being featured and/or included in her home.

There were certain features in the townhouse, which she didn’t query her followers about because she “had a vision” already, but, when she asked her followers for their opinion, she followed through with the popular choice.

“When I see wallpaper, I remember the comments that people left,” she told the Journal. “Everything has meaning in a space designed by so many people.” She’s now looking to build a house using a similar process along the way. [WSJ]