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Nassau property tax assessment chief wins 5 reductions in her own home’s value

July 30, 2018 12:25PM

Robin Laveman, chairwoman for Nassau County’s Assessment Review Commission, has won five challenges to the assessed value of her Oyster Bay Cove home, bringing it down so she can pay lower property taxes, Newsday reported. The assessments, which her commission undertakes, are used to generate next year’s tax bills. She’s won such challenges each year for the last five years — cutting her assessment by about 24 percent — and she has another pending. The county officially values her Oyster Bay Cove property, which includes an undeveloped lot next to her home, at $1,103,200. Other sources like Zillow and however, put its value above $2 million. If the $2 million assessment is accurate, her previous $37,000 tax bill should be double. County Executive Laura Curran has previously vowed to introduce changes to improve the local property tax assessment system. [Newsday]