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NYC doorman sent sexually explicit, unsolicited photos to 6 women

Police initially said there weren't grounds to press charges, now lawmakers are trying to close loophole
August 11, 2018 01:30PM

(Credit: back photo by Dion Hinchcliffe)

A doorman was fired for sending sexually explicit photos and videos to six women who lived in the Tudor City Place co-op building where he worked.

Jonathon Aviles lost his job at the end of July after one of the women, whom he had sent photos of his genitals and videos of himself masturbating, gathered enough identifying information that the building’s management confirmed he was the perpetrator, according to the New York Post.

“We regretfully advise that it was recently discovered that a temporary (and now former) employee at the building used his position to obtain phone numbers of some building residents, sending them unsolicited and deeply distressing and offensive communications and photos,” Rebecca Zanes of PRC Management said in a statement issued to residents a week after Aviles’ sacking.

Some of the women who received the messages reported Aviles called them by their names and messaged them saying he’d seen them in-person unbeknownst to them. At least one woman has changed her locks and taken back her spare key from the front desk.

The NYPD initially told the Post the investigation into Aviles was closed because his actions were not an “arrestable offense,” which prompted state lawmakers, outraged over the Midtown incident, to begin working to amend New York’s definition of harassment. On Thursday, police told the Post they were reopening the investigation. [NYP]Erin Hudson