Thieves rob Bronx real estate office

August 26, 2018 09:37AM

Expert Homes Real Estate Group in the Bronx

Thieves burst into a Bronx real estate office and stole thousands of dollars, police said.

It happened at the office of Expert Homes Real Estate Group around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Williamsbridge section on Burke Avenue near Radcliffe Avenue, the New York Post reported.

A woman walked into the office and asked about a home for sale, and while she was talking to employees, two men bursted in, police said. One of the men was holding a gun, and the thieves tied two employees’ hands and ordered them to get on the ground.

They made off with $8,000 and a security system. They also stole credit cards, which they used to purchase $180 worth of clothing at a nearby store. [NYP] — Rich Bockmann