The worst neighborhoods to rent in

Scored based on an analysis by Rentlogic, here's the areas where tenants should tread carefully

September 08, 2018 11:00 AM

(Credit from back: Jakob Montrasio via Flickr, Olivia Jester)

Is your area earning As or Fs? Rentlogic’s annual report card for multifamily rentals around the city is out and the results somewhat de-couple price from quality apartment stock.

According to the company’s analysis, as published in the New York Post, the lowest preforming neighborhoods are Tremont in the Bronx and Inwood in Manhattan. About 9 percent of buildings in both areas earned the lowest possible mark–F, or “unacceptable.”

West Harlem was the third worst with 7.6 percent of its multifamily rentals earning a F.

The neighborhoods that earned the best grades are not known as luxurious enclaves, but about 99 percent of their rental housing stock received an A grade, for excellent, according to Rentlogic. The top three areas were Great Kills in Staten Island, Floral Park in Queens and City Island in the Bronx. [NYP]Erin Hudson

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