This 3D zoning software may change how city developers plan projects

City Planning is partnering with Florida-based startup Gridics
By Konrad Putzier | September 20, 2018 06:10PM

New York City Department of City Planning director Marisa Lago and the Gridics program (Credit: Gridics)

New York’s Department of City Planning is partnering with Florida-based Gridics to test the company’s 3D zoning and planning software.

The program allows users to click on any lot within a 3D rendering of a city, and instantly create hypothetical buildings within the parameters of what local zoning allows. By visualizing the zoning code, Gridics hopes to make it more understandable.

Under the agreement, the agency’s reviewers will use the software to test development proposals and analyze potential zoning changes.

“New York City has one of the most complex codes out there, so we knew if our technology could account for all its attributes we would be strongly positioned to bring our zoning engine to any city in the world, large or small,” said Gridics CEO Jason Doyle.

Gridics’ software is already being used by the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Until more recently, the real estate industry had been slow to adopt new technology. But now, firms are investing in a multitude of proptech startups.