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CompStak launches new analytics platform

CRE data firm launches new product ahead of VTS rollout
By David Jeans | October 08, 2018 09:00AM

From left: Michael Mandel and Nick Romito with a screenshot of Compstak’s leasing product (Credit: Compstak)

CompStak has launched a new analytics platform that allows users to compare its crowdsourced leasing and property information in real time.

The platform, dubbed CompStak Analytics, launched Monday, giving the company a head start over rival VTS, which is planning to launch a similar product in coming months.

Last year, analytics giant Moody’s bought a minority stake CompStak, with the intent of using its lease data to help its clients — banks, insurance companies and asset managers — in managing risk.

CompStak, which launched in 2012, has raised $21 million from investors including Canaan Partners and Camber Creek. Its clients include Wells Fargo, Boston Properties, Tishman Speyer and Carlyle Group, who reportedly pay around $50,000 a year for its service.

In October 2017, the firm branched into sales, and began aggregating public records, as well as crowdsourcing net operating income and cap rates from brokers.

This June, VTS said it had begun testing a beta version of its own analytics platform that would also give subscribers the ability to monitor leasing and asset management data in real-time and make comparative data sets.

‘We have a lot of data that they don’t have,” Michael Mandel, co-founder and CEO of CompStak, said of VTS. “And our scope is broader than theirs.” But, he added, both analytics platforms could “live side-by-side” and mutual customers have expressed excitement about both companies products.

The two companies have previously engaged in a data-sharing partnership, when in 2016, users of VTS and Hightower could access lease comps from CompStak respective platforms.

Nick Romito, VTS’ chief executive, said the two platforms would offer separate insights to individual datasets.

“The actual deals themselves originate in VTS,” he said. “That’s the entire leasing of the space, through the actual negotiation, until it becomes a tenant.”