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Keller Williams settles with buyers after agent sold them a home that used to be a meth lab

The Tubbs family fought to get the brokerage to cover clean-up costs for over a year
October 28, 2018 12:00PM

From left: the Tubbs, Jody Draper (Credit: GoFundMe, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Keller Williams is trying to put its breaking bad phase behind it.

In July 2017, KW broker Jody Draper sold a home he partially owned without disclosing to the buyers that the 4,000 square foot abode was previously used as a meth lab, according to Inman.

The couple, Travis and Denay Tubbs, who purchased the home in Jefferson, Oregon, moved in a week after the transaction closed with their seven kids and discovered meth in every part of the house.

They appealed to Keller Williams to pay for the cleaning costs, expecting that the brokerage’s insurance would step in to cover the costs, which they pegged at around $900,000. But a protracted legal battle ensued for more than a year, until last week when the two parties settled in with an undisclosed arrangement.

Lawyers for both sides declined to comment on the case to Inman, however, the Tubbs, who’ve been blogging about the situation since June, noted on their GoFundMe page that “This GoFundMe will disappear on Nov. 4th! Here is why: We have come to a favorable settlement! We have been asked to delete this GoFundMe campaign.”

The couple also wrote that they would be returning all the money they raised using the page–a total of $7,040.

Throughout the ordeal, the Tubbs family was living on a trailer on the property, and, in August, the family staged a protest outside a Keller Williams office. The Tubbs previously told Inman that they had done a home inspection, but they hadn’t thought to test for drug contamination.

Travis Tubbs, who is an Air Force Major, said the family is now working with local lawmakers to introduce new legislation to make such testing a mandatory part of selling a home in the state. [Inman]–Erin Hudson