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32BJ is very happy that Amazon is coming
to Queens

Union has secured a deal to provide maintenance and security for tech giant’s headquarters
November 23, 2018 09:30AM

32BJ president Héctor Figueroa at a rally (Credit: Getty Images)

A major New York building workers union has come out strongly in favor of Amazon bringing part of its second headquarters in Queens.

The union 32BJ SEIU announced its support of the move after it secured a deal for union labor to cover security and maintenance at the project, according to Crain’s. The group estimated the project could lead to as many as 3,000 jobs for union members.

Members already had prior agreements with TF Cornerstone, which is developing part of the Amazon project, and Plaxall, which owns land that will become part of the tech giant’s second headquarters.

Amazon’s deal has faced strong opposition over the tax breaks the company will receive, but 32BJ, which is among Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s biggest supporters, has said this opposition is excessive because the subsidies come from sources available to several different types of businesses. Union president Héctor Figueroa told Crain’s that local and state officials should invest more in infrastructure and affordable housing to make sure the neighborhood can handle Amazon’s arrival.

“We feel the development that will house Amazon is positive and a benefit to New York and to the Long Island City community,” he said.

Both Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio said Amazon’s new campus would create union jobs, but the MOU doesn’t specifically mention the labor type.