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Ritzy rentals: Guess where you’ll find the priciest Airbnbs

Hint: They’re not in major metro areas
November 24, 2018 02:00PM

(Credit: Airbnb, iStock)

The priciest Airbnbs aren’t in the country’s big coastal hubs.

The top spot goes to a home in Red Rock Ranch, Missouri, Forbes reported. The property is sprawled across 80 acres and can accommodate around 16 guests — for $12,000 per night.

(Credit: Airbnb)

Guests there also have access to a private chef and guns for target shooting. For comparison: that price tag, for one night, could pay for almost three years of rent on an average house in the area, the report said.

A yacht in Juneau is home to the second most expensive Airbnb, at $10,000 per night. That price includes a 95-foot yacht that can host up to six people — plus a hot tub and indoor fireplace.

(Credit: Airbnb)

And the third spot went to another $10,000-per-night rental in Hamilton, Illinois. The four-bedroom property is along the Mississippi River and spans an entire city block. It includes an optional private chef and an on-site gym, hot tub and pool, the report said.

(Credit: Airbnb)

The sky-high price tags are far steeper than the average luxury Airbnb, which costs $4,600 per night. On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest rentals are in North Dakota and Iowa. The lowest cost per night is $899 in North Dakota, and the lowest cost per room is $150 in Iowa, according to Forbes.

But those willing to forgo a luxury rental can find even a $32 per night home in Phoenix, Arizona. [Forbes] — Meenal Vamburkar