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Turns out millennials’ dream homes aren’t that different from baby boomers’

Both generations share a taste for roomy showers and high tech features
December 15, 2018 01:00PM

Millennial homeowners want big houses with easy-access showers and loads of technology, making them not that different from baby boomers.

Walk-in showers are popular with both age groups, as they make bathrooms look appealing and accessible, and both groups are also interested in smart home technology, according to MarketWatch.

Size is the main difference between the two age groups, as millennials are hoping to land larger homes to accommodate children and growing families, while baby boomers are starting to downsize their living quarters.

Other features both groups look for include large kitchens and big backyards. Although millennials seem to be buying homes at a slower rate than prior generations, they are still influencing the market. In 2017, millennials were responsible for injecting about $514 billion into the U.S. housing market. [MarketWatch] – Eddie Small