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Tenants at Ebbets Field Apartments blast landlord for glacial pace of elevator repairs

Residents have filed seven complaints in Brooklyn Housing Court
December 21, 2018 09:45AM


Ebbets Field Apartments at 1720 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn (Credit: Apartments)

Tenants at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field Apartments tore into their landlord during the first day of testimony in a housing court case.

Residents filed seven complaints in Brooklyn Housing Court that accuse landlords Fieldbridge Associates, Shalom Drizin and Benjamin Baum of taking years to fix broken elevators in their buildings, according to the Daily News.

Tenant Michele Waterman said conditions had gotten so unpredictable that her 82-year-old mother barely leaves home anymore because she does not know how long it will take her to get back. She added that they can make it extremely difficult to get to work on time and that management has moved incredibly slowly to repair the elevators even after getting the parts they need.

Sherief Gaber, the lawyer representing the tenants, said residents have spent at least five years complaining about management’s lack of progress around the elevators and have needed to call the fire department about 200 times just in the past year due to people being stuck in elevators.

“It’s a mega pain,” he told the Daily News. “Every time I go to the buildings there are crowds around these elevators.” [NYDN] – Eddie Small