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Riverhead property owners unite to oppose building height restrictions

January 22, 2019 03:43PM

The Riverhead Downtown Property Owners Coalition, a group of about 17 owners of property in downtown Riverhead, are banding together to protect what they say are their rights in a debate over changes to building height limits, Newsday reported. The Riverhead town board is considering capping new development buildings at two stories with three- and four-floor buildings allowed through the transfer of development rights. Property owners are worried they are being kept out of the process. Martin Sendlewski, a member of the group who runs an architectural firm, said he and other members are worried the restrictions could slow revitalization in the area, hurting their ability to make money from their buildings in the downtown Main Street area. The group now hopes to insert themselves into local policy discussions on the subject. The town will hold a public forumon Jan. 31. [Newsday]