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El Chapo tried to have a Canadian real estate agent killed: court testimony

Agent Stephen Tello was allegedly a target for the notorious gangster
January 26, 2019 01:00PM

(Credit: Facebook, ICE)

No one ever said being a real estate agent didn’t come with risks.

One of the latest stories to emerge from the trial of notorious gangster Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmàn Loera was that he allegedly tried hiring the Hells Angels to murder Canadian real estate agent Stephen Tello, who El Chapo called “Catboy,” according to Vice.

Tello is already behind bars thanks to a 2015 drug sting in Nova Scotia and has been described as one of the top people working for El Chapo in Canada, collaborating with the gangster to bring cocaine north and drug money south.

But when El Chapo became distrustful of Tello, he tried to have his former right-hand man, Hildebrando Alexander Cifuentes-Villa, take him out, the court heard.

Cifuentes-Villa supposedly had a meeting with the Hells Angels in an attempt to get them to carry out the hit. Both he and Tello were both arrested before the hit took place, and Tello is currently serving a 15-year sentence for his role in a cocaine smuggling sting not related to El Chapo’s empire. [Vice] – Eddie Small