Town of East Hampton wants to buy 2 waterfront properties

March 27, 2019 01:39PM

The Town of East Hampton plans to buy two waterfront properties in the Shepherd’s Neck area of Montauk, according to 27east. Both properties, which are each priced just above $1 million, are just more than half an acre apiece and have substantial wetland areas on them. East Hampton plans to use money from its Community Preservation Fund. One of the properties has a home that will be torn down should the plan move forward. The Town Board has already approved the $1.1 million purchase of a property at 35 South Endicott Place, which had permits for a 2,000-square-foot home due to now-expired variances it received from the local Zoning Board of Appeals. East Hampton would be buying the property from Douglas Moore, who also owns an adjacent property. Critics of the deal claim that Moore would essentially get an “extended backyard” through the town’s purchase. The other property at the northern end South Elroy Drive is owned by Mark and Marisa Borek, who have listed the parcel for some time and must pay to tear down the home on it if a sale goes through. East Hampton plans to hold a public hearing on April 4 to discuss the proposed deal. [27east]