8 Tools To Help You Adjust to Working from Home

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Mar.March 23, 2020 08:00 AM
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With the Coronavirus rapidly spreading, real estate firms across the country are enacting work from home policies. Major brokerages such as Compass, Douglas Elliman and Halstead have closed their offices and asked employees to work from home. With many scrambling to create a comfortable place to work within their own home, TRD presents a few essentials you’ll need to get it up and running.

Here are a few of our picks:

Work From Home Gift Guide1.Wireless Mouse
If you didn’t think to grab your mouse when you left your office, you’ll quickly notice what a big difference (a.k.a. major pain) it is trying to work without one. Don’t suffer with your laptop’s overly sensitive trackpad a moment longer than you need to! This inexpensive model will help you get back on track — pun totally intended.

Work From Home Gift Guide2. Portable Laptop Stand
No room for an actual home office? Try using a laptop stand to turn your kitchen table into a desk. This model can lift up to 12 inches high, allowing the screen to sit at eye level. No more slouching!

Work From Home Gift Guide3. Adjustable Folding Laptop Table
Can’t designate one area of your home as a workspace? With this table, you can set up shop wherever you can find space to sit, making your “WFH” situation that much more comfortable.

Work From Home Gift Guide4. Noise Canceling Headphones
Whether you live with roommates or your apartment is in a busy urban neighborhood or both, noise canceling headphones are a MUST when trying to focus. And with video conference calls quickly becoming the best way to communicate with colleagues throughout the day, a good pair of headphones is crucial to your sanity and that of the people who share your home.

Work From Home Gift Guide5. Phone Stand
We’re all trying to touch everything less, most especially our cell phones! To keep yourself hands free while you talk, try this adjustable model, which is compatible with most types of phones.

Work From Home Gift Guide6. Computer Monitor
One of the greatest “luxuries” of working in an office is having that two-monitor spread, allowing the user to gaze across a multitude of windows as if they’re in a high-tech government “situation room” or something. Since readjusting to only one screen is needlessly painful, a portable monitor is a great idea.

Work From Home Gift Guide7. Amazon Echo Dot
For those who have a hard time sitting in silence, the Amazon Echo Dot can act as a life line, keeping you aurally connected to the outside world. Keep your tunes or podcasts streaming with the Alexa speaker.


Work From Home Gift Guide8. Mouse Pad
As much as it’s a common sight of the office, a mouse pad with wrist support is one of those things you don’t miss till it’s gone. Protect against muscle strain with one of these squishy models.

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