Real estate billionaires skew even more male and older

The Real Deal breaks down the filthy-rich list by gender, age and nationality

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Apr.April 15, 2020 08:00 AM
Donald Bren, Lee Shau Kee, Yang Huiyan and Hui Ka Yan (Credit: Donald Bren by Don Kelsen/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images, Lee Shau Kee by Bruce Yan/South China Morning Post via Getty Images, Hui Ka Yan by Xiaomei Chen/South China Morning Post via Getty Images) 

Donald Bren, Lee Shau Kee, Yang Huiyan and Hui Ka Yan (Credit: Donald Bren by Don Kelsen/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images, Lee Shau Kee by Bruce Yan/South China Morning Post via Getty Images, Hui Ka Yan by Xiaomei Chen/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

Real estate is a male-dominated industry: It’s not rare for only one in five C-suite executives at a top firm to be women. And real estate fortunes are typically amassed over time. So it is not a surprise that an analysis of the Forbes billionaires list by The Real Deal shows most of the world’s real estate billionaires are older men.

Some 88 percent of all real estate billionaires are over 51 and more than a third are older than 71. Fewer than one in a hundred is between the ages of 18 and 30. Topping the list is Lee Shau Kee, 92, a Hong Kong businessman and majority owner of Henderson Land Development, who is ranked 30th overall with $28.3 billion. Chinese development firm Evergrande Group’s chairman, Hui Ka Yan, 62, worth $24.2 billion, is second.

Real Estate Billionaires

RankNameGenderNet Worth (billions)Covid Cases (as of 4/10/20)AgeCountry/Territory
30Lee Shau KeeMale$28.308292592China
37Hui Ka YanMale$24.208292562China
38Yang Huiyan & familyFemale$24.008292539China
67Joseph LauMale$16.408292569China
76Donald BrenMale$15.3046603387United States
85Wu Yajun & familyFemale$14.808292557China
101Wang JianlinMale$13.808292566China
107Kwong Siu-hingFemale$13.008292591China
116Peter WooMale$12.408292574China
128Hui Wing MauMale$11.508292570China
135Robert & Philip NgMale$11.101909n/aSingapore
145Sun HongbinMale$10.2046603358United States
183Cai KuiMale$8.408292558China
191Ian & Richard LivingstoneMale$8.2065077n/aUnited Kingdom
207Harry TriguboffMale$8.00615287Australia
211Kei Hoi PangMale$8.008292555China
220Stephen RossMale$7.6046603380United States
234David ReubenMale$7.206507782United Kingdom
250Charles Cadogan & familyMale$6.806507783United Kingdom
262Edward Roski JrMale$6.7046603382United States
263Francis ChoiMale$6.608292573China
313Chan Laiwa & familyFemale$5.808292580China
322Alexander OttoMale$5.7011352553Germany
323Wang ZhenhuaMale$5.708292558China
327Manuel Villarmale$5.70407671Philippines
331Law Kar PoMale$5.608292572China
333Tang Shing-borMale$5.508292586China
354Fredrik LundbergMale$5.30914169Sweden
361Sam ZellMale$5.2046603379United States
362Kwee brothersMale$5.201909n/aSingapore
364Frank LowyMale$5.10615290Australia
373John A. Sobrato & familyMale$5.0046603381United States
382Huang ChulongMale$5.002074862Canada
403Rene BenkoMale$4.801324843Austria
434Leonard SternMale$4.5046603382United States
441Edwin LeongMale$4.508292569China
461Ted Lerner & familyMale$4.3046603395United States
474Pan SutongMale$4.208292557China
479Sheldon SolowMale$4.2046603392United States
487Alexandra SchoerghuberFemale$4.2011352562Germany
499Neil BluhmFemale$4.1046603382United States
504Radovan VitekMale$4.00556949Czechia
507Wang WenxueMale$4.008292553China
532Igor OlenicoffMale$3.9046603378United States
533Akira Mori & familyMale$3.90466784Japan
534Majid Al Futtaim & familyMale$3.802990n/aUnited Arab Emirates
540Samuel Tak LeeMale$3.808292581China
543Kushal Pal SinghMale$3.80641289India
550Jeff SuttonMale$3.8046603360United States
560Yitzhak TshuvaMale$3.70996872Israel
564Jerry SpeyerMale$3.7046603380United States
577Jeff GreeneMale$3.7046603366United States
586Li WaMale$3.608292555China
587Rita Tong LiuFemale$3.608292572China
591Zhang Xin & Pan Shiyin/a$3.608292555China
598Donald SterlingMale$3.6046603386United States
602Ursula Bechtolsheimer-KippFemale$3.6011352569Germany
611Chu Mang Yee & familyMale$3.608292561China
620Ben AshkenazyMale$3.5046603351United States
621Richard LeFrak & familyMale$3.5046603375United States
640Huang RulunMale$3.408292569China
641Yakir GabayMale$3.4056454Cyprus
647Rick CarusoMale$3.4046603361United States
693John GandelMale$3.20615286Australia
702Charles CohenMale$3.2046603368United States
727Jane GoldmanFemale$3.1046603365United States
727Amy Goldman FowlerFemale$3.1046603366United States
727Diane KemperFemale$3.1046603375United States
727Allan GoldmanMale$3.1046603377United States
738Angela LeongFemale$3.108292559China
765Su Suyu & familyFemale$3.008292572China
792Choo Chong NgenMale$2.90190967Singapore
810Erik SelinMale$2.80914153Sweden
818Or Wai SheunMale$2.808292569China
825Shum Chiu Hung & familyMale$2.8082925n/aChina
826Ivar TollefsenMale$2.80616059Norway
838Zhang LiMale$2.708292568China
848Herb SimonMale$2.7046603386United States
849Chandru RahejaMale$2.70641280India
852Geoffrey KwokMale$2.708292535China
858Mortimer ZuckermanMale$2.7046603383United States
862Jay PaulMale$2.7046603373United States
864Maritsa Lazari & familyFemale$2.706507776United Kingdom
866Raj Kumar & Kishin RKMale$2.70190966Singapore
875God NisanovMale$2.601013148Russia
875Zarakh IlievMale$2.601013154Russia
878Ty WarnerMale$2.6046603376United States
883Li Sze LimMale$2.608292563China
893Bob GaglardiMale$2.602074879Canada
899Kong Jian MinMale$2.608292553China
900Richard PeeryMale$2.6046603382United States
906Lu ZhiqiangMale$2.608292568China
944Mitchell GoldharMale$2.402074859Canada
966Katsumi TadaMale$2.40466775Japan
977Brad KelleyMale$2.4046603364United States
981Ou ZongrongMale$2.308292557China
1006David WalentasMale$2.3046603382United States
1007Adam KwokMale$2.308292537China
1009John ArrillagaMale$2.3046603383United States
1032Katharina Otto-BernsteinFemale$2.2011352557Germany
1037Zuo HuiMale$2.208292550China
1055Yang JianMale$2.208292549China
1057Yan ZhiMale$2.208292548China
1063Carlo FidaniMale$2.202074866Canada
1067Jonathan KwokMale$2.208292528China
1085Tong JinquanMale$2.208292566China
1088Pan WeimingMale$2.208292557China
1096Ji QiMale$2.108292554China
1108Huang Shih TsaiMale$2.108292569China
1116George Argyros & familyMale$2.1046603383United States
1133Geng JianmingMale$2.108292558China
1142Donald TrumpMale$2.1046603374United States
1150Hoi Kin HongMale$2.10NA68China
1153Chen HuaMale$2.108292555China
1168Bahaa HaririMale$2.0058254Lebanon
1174Lin Chang Su-OFemale$2.0038080Taiwan
1205Thomas KwokMale$2.008292569China
1217Suat GunselMale$2.0056468Cyprus
1221H. Ross Perot JrMale$2.0046603362United States
1227Sergei GordeevMale$1.901013148Russia
1229Vincent LoMale$1.908292571China
1232Fong Yun WahMale$1.908292596China
1246Gordon WuMale$1.908292585China
1260Keeree KanjanapasMale$1.90247370Thailand
1269Jorge PerezMale$1.9046603371United States
1281Eddie & Sol ZakayMale$1.9065077n/aUnited Kingdom
1295Edward DeBartolo JrMale$1.8046603374United States
1298Wang ChaobinMale$1.808292565China
1301Tomas Olivo LopezMale$1.8015244647Spain
1325Miao ShouliangMale$1.808292566China
1334Yu PeidiMale$1.808292561China
1339Chen Yung-taiMale$1.8038084Taiwan
1363Guo ZiwenMale$1.708292557China
1365Wichai ThongtangMale$1.70247374Thailand
1373Lin Chen-haiMale$1.7038073Taiwan
1385Jitendra VirwaniMale$1.70641254India
1392Christopher KwokMale$1.708292534China
1394Edward KwokMale$1.708292539China
1395Manuel JoveMale$1.7015244679Spain
1397Asok Kumar HiranandaniMale$1.70190966Singapore
1412Mangal Prabhat LodhaMale$1.70641265India
1413Chan Tan Ching-fenFemale$1.7082925n/aChina
1417David LichtensteinMale$1.7046603359United States
1431Erik Paulsson & familyMale$1.60914178Sweden
1443Martin SeligMale$1.6046603383United States
1444Vivien ChenFemale$1.608292561China
1451Jiang Yehua & familyMale$1.608292558China
1468Alexander KlyachinMale$1.601013153Russia
1495Marcel Adams & familyMale$1.6020748100Canada
1503Stephen WinnFemale$1.6046603374United States
1513Zhang YuanlinMale$1.608292545China
1539Huang WeiMale$1.508292561China
1548Hussain SajwaniMale$1.50299067United Arab Emirates
1553Yang ErzhuMale$1.508292570China
1599Ivan ChrenkoMale$1.5070153Slovakia
1603Lang WalkerMale$1.50615275Australia
1621Chao Teng-hsiungMale$1.4038076Taiwan
1624Alain TaravellaMale$1.408633473France
1651Yoshiko MoriFemale$1.40466780Japan
1659B. Wayne Hughes JrMale$1.4046603360United States
1705Jasminder Singh & familyMale$1.406507770United Kingdom
1713Subhash RunwalMale$1.40641277India
1756Vikas OberoiMale$1.30641250India
1768George MarcusMale$1.3046603379United States
1769Lesley BambergerMale$1.302176255Netherlands
1775Zhang KeqiangMale$1.308292560China
1784Raymond KwokFemale$1.308292567China
1795Bob EllMale$1.30615276Australia
1823Zhong Sheng JianMale$1.30190962Singapore
1834Niranjan HiranandaniMale$1.30641270India
1838John Van LieshoutMale$1.20615274Australia
1847Huang Hongyun & familyMale$1.208292554China
1875Jeffrey CheahMale$1.20422875Malaysia
1884Wolfgang EggerMale$1.2011352555Germany
1895Zhang Guiping & familyMale$1.208292569China
1911Yang KengMale$1.208292560China
1921Lun Ruixiang & familyMale$1.208292553China
1929Huang Wen TsaiMale$1.208292567China
1934Donald HortonMale$1.2046603370United States
1935Wei ShaojunMale$1.208292558China
1941Mark DixonMale$1.206507761United Kingdom
1951Qi JinxingMale$1.208292558China
1968Su RuboMale$1.108292566China
1987Chua Thian PohMale$1.10190972Singapore
1990Vladimir LeschikovMale$1.101013164Russia
2007Ou XuemingMale$1.108292572China
2016Ou Zonghong & familyMale$1.108292551China
2020Terry SnowMale$1.10615277Australia
2021Lou Zhongfu & familyMale$1.108292567China
2026Wu XuMale$1.108292557China
2040Koh Wee MengMale$1.10190957Singapore
2048Liang Yanfeng & familyMale$1.108292556China
2062Yi RuboMale$1.108292544China
2065Masaaki AraiMale$1.10466756Japan
2069Wong Chiu YeungMale$1.108292554China
2072Sun XishuangMale$1.108292567China
2093Lam Lung On & familyMale$1.008292556China
2103Lin Dingqiang & familyMale$1.008292554China
2105Wong Hong KingMale$1.008292559China
2120Sam TarascioMale$1.00615276Australia
2129John GoffMale$1.0046603366United States
2136Jin HuimingMale$1.008292568China
2142Axel StawskiMale$1.0046603370United States
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SOURCE: Forbes 2020

Younger billionaires in real estate tend to be wealthier, however. Those between 30 and 40 have the highest average net worth at $6.48 billion, a figure skewed by Yang Huiyan, a 38-year-old Chinese businesswoman with $24 billion in assets.

Billionaires in real estate skew male as well, with men accounting for more than 89 percent of them. Female real estate billionaires — thanks largely to Yang — have an average net worth that is $1.6 billion greater than their male counterparts.

Chinese men between 51 and 60 years old comprise more than 13 percent of all real estate billionaires, the largest share by combination of age, gender and national origin. However, American male billionaires who are 81 or older hold 8.5 percent of global real estate billionaire wealth, the largest share by combination of age, gender and nationality. The richest American real estate figure and fifth overall, according to Forbes, is Donald Bren, owner and chairman of the Irvine Company, whose net worth is $15.3 billion.

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