Nearly 16K hotel and hospitality workers in NY state have been laid off since virus outbreak: TRD Insights

The state’s unemployment rate hit 4.5% last month

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Apr.April 20, 2020 01:35 PM
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(Credit: iStock)

New York state employers signaled their intention to lay off nearly 15,700 hotel and hospitality workers in March and April because of the coronavirus fallout, a staggering increase from last year’s total.

The number compares to 2019, when the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel in Midtown, and a hospitality services firm said they would lay off a combined 656 workers. Those layoffs were announced in January and February 2019, respectively.

The overall impact of coronavirus has cut across industries. State employers have so far signaled their intent to lay off more than 86,000 workers, a vast majority of those in March and April, because of Covid-19.

The total Covid-19 related filings represent a nearly 883 percent increase from all of the employees companies said they would let go from January through April 16 last year, according to a TRD analysis of layoff notices filed in the state, comparing Jan. 1 through April 16, in 2019 and 2020.

Employers are required to file such Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification notices with states in certain cases of mass layoffs or plant closings.

While there were just 101 total notices filed in the state from Jan. 1 to April 16, 2019, there were 1,012 such notices filed during the same period this year. That’s a nearly 902 percent increase in individual filings alone.

WARN Notices in New York State from 2019 to April 16, 2020
CompanyNotice DateNumber Affected
Olga Street Ltd. dba Lucky Strike - New York City Region03/03/202026
DO & CO New York Catering, Inc. - New York City Region03/12/2020744
El Al Israeli Airlines Ltd. - New York City Region03/13/202051
El Al Israeli Airlines Ltd. - New York City Region03/13/202053
US Inflight Catering LLC ("dnata") - Long Island Region03/13/202073
Madison Park Acquisitions, LLC d/b/a Black Barn Restaurant - New York City Region03/14/202088
La Pecora Bianca Holdings, LLC and LPB1 LLC - New York City Region03/14/2020134
The Crystal Room LP dba Blue Ribbon Brasserie (10 sites in NYC) - New York City Region03/14/202036
Fig & Olive - New York City Region03/15/2020204
Cassa NY Restaurant LLC dba Butter - New York City Region03/15/202091
SESSANTA LLC- BISTROT LEO and BUTTERFLY - New York City Region03/15/202076
142 Mercer Street LLC - LURE FISHBAR - New York City Region03/15/2020136
MERCER STREET HOSPITALITY LLC - New York City Region03/15/20203
Progressive Restaurant LLC, Cote Korean Steakhouse - New York City Region03/15/202088
9 East First Street LLC, Bowery Meat Company - New York City Region03/15/202083
The Mermaid Holding Company LLC and The Mermaid Inn (3 locations) - New York City Region03/15/20206
NoMad Hotels, LLC - New York City Region03/15/202039
BURGER & BARREL (B&B WINEPUB) - New York City Region03/15/202050
Future Media Group - New York City Region03/16/202047
Emursive Productions, LLC - New York City Region03/16/20208
Great Dane OpCo LLC - New York City Region03/16/2020170
One 27 Roof, LLC - New York City Region03/16/2020124
Honeycrisp USA LLC - New York City Region03/16/20204
Nusret New York, LLC dba Nusr-Et Steakhouse - New York City Region03/16/202023
Second Street Restaurant LLC dba Rosies - New York City Region03/16/202072
White Walker LLC dba Frenchette - New York City Region03/16/2020111
Costume Armour, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region03/16/202072
Great Jones Restaurant Corp. dba Vic's - New York City Region03/16/202082
Freeman Holdings LLC dba Freemans Restaurant - New York City Region03/16/202098
One Melon, LLC dba JG Melon - New York City Region03/16/202042
The William Vale Staffing, LLC dba The William Vale - New York City Region03/16/202077
LEX 159 BAKERY LLC dba Penelope - New York City Region03/16/202023
Luck 13 Associates, LLC dba Catch New York - New York City Region03/16/2020356
156 Tenth Ave Restaurant LLC dba Cookshop - New York City Region03/16/2020106
568 Amsterdam, LLC dba Sirenetta - New York City Region03/16/202040
Burger & Lobster Bryant Park LLC - New York City Region03/16/202080
Saltbae LLC dba Saltbae Burger - New York City Region03/16/20209
Black Tap Midtown, LLC aka Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer - New York City Region03/16/202086
DLA Restaurants, LLC dba The Mermaid Oyster Bar - New York City Region03/16/202037
Uniquest Hospitality, LLC (Embassy Suites) - Western Region03/16/202022
Bold Food Lafayette Street dba Gato - New York City Region03/16/202061
88 Ninth Avenue Hospitality, LLC dba Catch Steak - New York City Region03/16/2020353
Lexington Project Managers, LLC dba Lexington Brass - New York City Region03/16/202089
88 Ninth Avenue Hospitality, LLC dba Catch Steak - New York City Region03/16/2020330
Lexington Project Managers, LLC dba Lexington Brass - New York City Region03/16/202081
Lucky 13 Associates, LLC dba Catch New York - New York City Region03/16/2020376
Shinko Foods, Inc., dba Shabu-Tatsu Restaurant - New York City Region03/16/20204
Hotel 35, LLC aka Black Craft Burgers & Beer - New York City Region03/16/202088
Broome Street Food and Drink LLC - New York City Region03/16/202051
Hey Mambo LLC dba Bustan NYC - New York City Region03/16/202018
Tokyo Mama, Inc. dba SAKE BAR DECIBEL - New York City Region03/16/202088
38 MacDougal LLC dba Shuka - New York City Region03/16/202093
Howard Beach Fitness Center dba Limitless Fitness - New York City Region03/16/202077
Colony Club - New York City Region03/16/202060
Russo's Payroll Group, Inc. (Russo�s on the Bay, Vetro Restaurant, and Russo�s Fresh Gourmet) - New York City Region03/16/2020429
Future Media Group - New York City Region03/16/202017
Le District - New York City Region03/16/2020272
Wagamama USA LLC (Wagamama Restaurant) - New York City Region03/16/202046
PDNYC, LLC - New York City Region03/16/2020189
SleepNoMore N.A., LLC - New York City Region03/16/20209
Manhasset Restaurant LLC d/b/a Toku Modern Asian - Long Island Region03/17/202089
Gold Coast Restaurant Corp. dba Bryant & Cooper Steakhouse - Long Island Region03/17/202053
Lastrada Restaurant LLC - Mid-Hudson Region
GG TWA, LLC - Sunken Lounge, Connie, & The Pool - New York City Region03/17/202073
GG Union Square, LLC dba Irvington - New York City Region03/17/202063
GG LES, LLC dba Mr. Purple - New York City Region03/17/202089
The Rag Trader & Bo Peep Cocktail and Highball Store - New York City Region03/17/202077
MEXCHESTER LLC dba BLOCKHEADS BURRITOS - New York City Region03/17/202027
The Sofitel New York - Normandy LLC - New York City Region03/17/202085
MIL LLC dba MOTHER BURGER - New York City Region03/17/202016
954 SECOND CORP dba BLOCKHEADS BURRITOS - New York City Region03/17/202030
MEXAMENT LLC dba MEXAMENT - New York City Region03/17/202013
BENNY'S BURRITOS Inc. - New York City Region03/17/202026
CASA 91 LLC dba BLOCKHEADS BURRITOS - New York City Region03/17/202018
MFRF Enterprises Inc., Street Taco - New York City Region03/17/202023
Carmine's Broadway Feast, Inc. - New York City Region03/17/2020159
Times Square Barbeque Inc. aka Virgil's Real Barbecue - New York City Region03/17/2020143
BOD GYM LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/17/20209
Post House Investors, L.P. dba Majorelle - New York City Region03/17/202050
Sushi by Bou Global, LLC (multiple sites) - New York City Region03/17/202060
Exceeding Expectations dba Longfellow's Hotel and Restaurant - Capital Region03/17/2020105
Van Jan Cabaret dba The Olde Bryan Inn - Capital Region03/17/202082
First Standard Construction Inc. - New York City Region03/17/202019
LM Restaurant Group LLC aka SideBAR - New York City Region03/17/202076
Silver Autumn Hotel Corporation LTD dba Warwick New York Hotel - New York City Region03/17/2020275
BLANCO PLAINS LLC dba BLOCKHEAD BURRITOS - Mid-Hudson Region03/17/202020
Swiss White Int'l LLC dba Ray's - New York City region03/17/202013
NAYA Holdings LLC - New York City Region03/17/20203
The Inns of Aurora - Central Region03/17/202096
Wheatley Restaurant LLC - Long Island Region03/17/202063
Manhasset Restaurant LLC d/b/a Cipollini - Long Island Region03/17/202076
Hakkasan Holdings, LLC, d/b/a Hakkasan Group - New York City Region03/17/202095
100 Hospitality LLC - Long Island Region03/17/202068
Roslyn Hospitality LLC - Long Island Region03/17/202075
East Meadow Restaurant Corp. - Long Island Region03/17/202030
Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) - Finger Lakes Region03/18/2020415
Taft Friday 50 St. LLC (TGIF Restaurant) - New York City Region03/18/202053
47 Realtop Corp. (TGIF Restaurant) - New York City Region03/18/202029
No. 604 5th Ave. Inc. (TGIF Restaurant) - New York City Region03/18/202060
Felidia Restaurant Inc. - New York City Region03/18/202050
Pola Restaurant Inc. - Casa Mono - New York City Region03/18/202045
Del Posto (Il Posto LLC) - New York City Region03/18/2020163
20 Times Rest LLC - 701 West, Lobby Bar, Paradise Club, and The Terrace and Outdoor Gardens - New York City Region03/18/2020292
Scott's Peak n' Peek Resort LLC - Western Region03/18/2020669
Lobster Place, Inc. - New York City Region03/18/2020246
ilili Box Canal Street, LLC - New York City Region03/18/2020130
Lupa Osteria Romana (Red Clam LLC) - New York City Region03/18/202046
Kennedy Organics, LLC dba Charlie Bird - New York City Region03/18/202063
The REP Manager, LLC - Capital Region03/18/20201
American Sales Management Organization LLC dba Eulen America - New York City Region03/18/20201321
147 West 46th Operating Inc. (TGIF Restaurant) - New York City Region03/18/202053
XFF Kitchen LLC - New York City Region03/18/202054
Becco (Pola Restaurant, Inc.) - New York City Region03/18/2020139
IHI-NY, LLC (Ilili Restaurant) - New York City Region03/18/2020130
Casa Nonna - New York City Region03/18/202063
Delicious Hospitality Group, LLC dba Delicious Hospitality Group - New York City Region03/18/20207
Elmer Kennedy, LLC dba Pasquale Jones - New York City Region03/18/202039
Legacy Recording, LLC dba Legacy Records - New York City Region03/18/202084
Babbo, LLC - New York City Region03/18/202096
Fifty Second Street Hotel Associates, LLC dba Novotel New York Times Square Hotel - New York City Region03/18/2020145
The Wayfarer - New York City Region03/18/2020107
BLT Prime Lexington - New York City Region03/18/202055
BLT Steak White Plains - Mid-Hudson Region03/18/202058
Express Yourself, LLC dba Made Nice - New York City Region03/18/202031
PT Redevelopment, LLC - Capital Region03/18/20201
211 West 34 Operating LLC (TGIF Restaurant) - New York City Region03/18/202043
UPH Saratoga Manager, LLC - Capital Region03/18/20203
Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Pane Sardo LLC - New York City Region03/18/202052
Best - Metropolitan Towel & Linen Supply Co. Inc. - Long Island Region03/18/202046
Hudson Hotel - New York City Region03/18/2020212
Songren Management Corp. - New York City Region03/18/2020126
RBG Brooklyn LLC - SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill - New York City Region03/18/202095
Edison Hotel, LLC - New York City Region03/18/2020250
Evelyn Hotel LLC - New York City Region03/18/202045
Iroquois Hotel LLC - New York City Region03/18/202050
Washington Jefferson Hotel, LLC - New York City Region03/18/202045
Harvard Club of New York - New York City Region03/18/2020275
Belleclaire Hotel LLC - New York City Region03/18/202055
Frederick Hotel - New York City Region03/18/202045
CUT by Wolfgang Puck - New York City Region03/18/202074
BLT Steak - New York City Region03/18/2020131
Allen Boulevard Corp. - Long Island Region03/18/202018
ilili Box-Row NYC, LLC - New York City Region03/18/20207
OSM Aviation, Inc. - New York City Region03/18/2020225
Capital Repertory Company - Capital Region03/18/202031
Tokyo Mama, Inc. dba Cha-an - New York City Region03/18/202013
Arts Center and Theater of Schenectady, Inc. d/b/a Proctors - Capital Region03/18/2020117
Taylor Spellman New York, LLC - New York City Region03/18/20202
30 Park Place Hotel LLC - New York City Region03/19/2020204
Fancee Limousine Service, Inc. - Western Region03/19/202041
Blue Hill at Stone Barns LLC dba Blue Hill at Stone Barns - Mid-Hudson Region03/19/2020116
Washington Place dba Blue Hill - New York City Region03/19/202026
EVEN Hotel Times Square South - New York City Region03/19/202035
The Tuscany - A St Giles Signature Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202075
Quality Fragrance Group - Long Island Region03/19/202083
246 Spring Street NY LLC dba The Dominick - New York City Region03/19/202048
Indikitch (5 NYC locations) - New York City Region03/19/2020127
Pod Times Square, LLC dba The Pod Times Square Hotel - New York City Region03/19/2020118
CF Management-NY, LLC - New York City Region03/19/202074
Bowery F&B, LLC - New York City Region03/19/2020209
246 Spring Street NY LLC dba The Dominick - New York City Region03/19/2020183
Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar - New York City Region03/19/202088
377 Greenwich Operating, LLC dba The Greenwich Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202076
Spotted Dog Ventures LLC dba Emerson Resort & Spa - Mid-Hudson Region03/19/2020147
Terrace on the Park (Crystal Ball Group, LLC) - New York City Region03/19/2020198
Gary Plastic Packaging Co./Viele Manufacturing Corp. - New York City Region03/19/2020300
Marlton Hotel Operating, LLC - New York City Region03/19/202097
Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan - New York City Region03/19/202055
The Plaza - Sahara Plaza LLC - New York City Region03/19/2020251
Quixote Studios, LLC - New York City Region03/19/20206
Mercer 1 LLC dba The Mercer Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202033
The Bowery Hotel, LLC - New York City Region03/19/202087
Lotte New York Palace Hotel - New York City Region03/19/2020335
The Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs (JLK Global Fund US3 Inc.) - Capital Region03/19/202062
Pod 39 Operating, LLC dba Pod 39 Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202082
Flywheel Sports, Inc. - New York City Region03/19/2020278
Elysee Hotel Hospitality LLC dba Hotel Elysee - New York City Region03/19/202054
Wellington Hotel Company, Inc. - New York City Region03/19/2020122
BD 35th Street, LLC dba The Kixby Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202060
Easthill Hotel Corp. dba Pod 51 Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202070
Hudson River Inn, LLC dba The Maritime Hotel - New York City Region03/19/202050
Jane Street Hotel, LLC - New York City Region03/19/2020111
Sobaya Restaurant, Inc. dba Sobaya - New York City Region03/19/202030
Captain Haddock LLC dba Simon & the Whale Studio and George Washington Bar - New York City Region03/19/202088
The Bowery Hotel, LLC - New York City Region03/19/202090
HI 57, LLC dba The Watson Hotel - New York City Region03/19/2020138
Gregorys Coffee Management LLC (25 NYC locations) - New York City Region03/19/2020231
Washington Place dba Blue Hill - New York City Region03/19/202021
Kuei Luck Enrichment Center, Inc. and Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center, LLC - New York City Region03/19/202073
Instant Vintage Inc. - New York City Region03/19/20206
Citusa Park Ave LLC dba IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue - New York City Region03/19/202059
Marlinspike Hall LLC dba The Jones - New York City Region03/19/202021
George Marcel LLC dba Fairfax - New York City Region03/19/202023
Little Wisco LLC dba Fedora - New York City Region03/19/202018
Benchmark Conference Centers of New York, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/19/202040
St. Helene LLC dba bar Sardine - New York City Region03/19/202022
Penmanship LLC dba Jeffrey's Grocery - New York City Region03/19/202036
Happy Cooking LLC dba Joseph Leonard - New York City Region03/19/202030
Danford F&B LLC dba Danford's Hotel, Marina & Spa - Long Island Region03/19/2020149
455 Hospitality LLC (the DoubleTree By Hilton Tarrytown) - Mid-Hudson Region03/19/2020131
Blue Hill at Stone Barns LLC dba Blue Hill at Stone Barns - Mid-Hudson Region03/19/2020133
Orlandi, Inc. - Long Island Region03/19/202063
CF Management-NY, LLC - Long Island Region03/19/2020109
CF Management-NY, LLC - Long Island Region03/19/202083
The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center - Capital Region03/19/2020127
GFB Restaurant Corp. - New York City Region03/20/202047
Mr. C Manager Seaport Hotel - New York City Region03/20/202040
Renaissance New York Chelsea - New York City Region03/20/202034
Soho 54 Hotel - New York City Region03/20/202037
Four Points by Sheraton New York Downtown Financial District - New York City Region03/20/202043
Red Rooster Harlem, LLC - New York City Region03/20/2020138
Patriot Electric Corp. - New York City Region03/20/2020131
Patriot Electric Corp. - New York City Region03/20/202069
Curry Ya 45, Inc. dba Curry-Ya - New York City Region03/20/2020324
The Carlyle, LLC dba The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel - New York City Region03/20/2020250
Fireman Hospitality Group Caf� Concepts dba Caf� Concepts (multiple locations) - New York City Region03/20/2020563
The Sake Club, Inc. dba Kiosku - New York City Region03/20/2020324
Hasaki Restaurant, Inc. - New York City Region03/20/202047
Ennismore International USA, Inc. - New York City Region03/20/20208
Millennium Medical Leasing LLC - Capital Region03/20/2020136
Feast American Diners, LLC dba Dennys - Finger Lakes Region03/20/2020683
Sobaya Restaurant, Inc. dba Rai Rai Ken - New York City Region03/20/2020563
Chesapeake Hospitality (Doubletree by Hilton Downtown Syracuse) - Central Region03/20/202025
Fireman Hospitality Group Caf� Concepts, Inc. dba Caf� Concepts - New York City Region03/20/2020143
WOW Restaurants dba Wheatfields Restaurant and Bar - Capital Region03/20/202038
Chesapeake Hospitality (Crowne Plaza Lake Placid) - North Country Region03/20/202047
Karako - Long Island Region03/20/202042
Bistro Crossing LLC dba Wheatfields Bistro and Wine Bar - Capital Region03/20/202039
The Sake Club, Inc. dba Sakagura - New York City Region03/20/202039
Sobaya Restaurant Inc., dba HI-COLLAR - New York City Region03/20/202021
Visconti Advertising - Long Island Region03/20/202032
Karako of Cross Bay Blvd. LTD - New York City Region03/20/202023
Old Homestead Steakhouse - New York City Region03/20/202052
II Mulino Gramercy, LLC - New York City Region03/20/202028
Baccarat Hotel New York - New York City Region03/20/2020161
Luxe Life Hotel - New York City Region03/20/202015
Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Chelsea - New York City Region03/20/202039
Rumble Fitness, LLC - New York City Region03/20/2020146
Le Bernardin - New York City Region03/20/2020143
Schatzi Corp, Wallse Restaurant - New York City Region03/20/202032
Boqueria Operations LLC and Jaleo Management LLC (multiple sites) - New York City Region03/20/2020324
Hotel Indigo Brooklyn - New York City Region03/20/202025
Varflex Corporation - Mohawk Valley Region03/20/2020145
Aloft Manhattan Downtown - Financial District - New York City Region03/20/202021
Aloft New York Brooklyn - New York City Region03/20/202042
The Hoxton, Williamsburg LLC - New York City Region03/20/2020121
The Collective Paper Factory - New York City Region03/20/202048
BWP2West, LLC dba 2 West Bar and Grille - Capital Region03/20/202030
Avant Gardner - New York City Region03/20/202053
Waverly Restaurant, LLC - New York City Region03/20/202082
Unity House of Troy - Capital Region03/20/202065
Belux Catering Corp. dba Antun's Queens - New York City Region03/20/202088
IMNY GS, LLC - New York City Region03/20/202032
ADINA LLC dba BABUJI - New York City Region03/20/202023
Rivera Auto Group Inc. dba Rivera Toyota of Mount Kisco - Mid-Hudson Region03/20/202043
Ykg Corp, Wallse - Caf� Sabarsky - New York City Region03/20/202029
IM 60th Street LLC - New York City Region03/20/202061
Kg715 Inc., Upholstery Store - New York City Region03/20/20207
The Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc. - Southern Region03/20/2020340
22 East 54th Street Restaurant Corp. dba Papillon Bistro and Bar - New York City Region03/20/202075
Camelot Castle LLC dba Oscar Wilde - New York City Region03/20/202083
IM Long Island Restaurant Group - Long Island Region03/20/202026
Fat 3 Muscle LLC dba Lillie's - New York City Region03/20/202053
Cutler - New York City Region03/20/202061
Shinko Foods, Inc. dba Curry-Ya - New York City Region03/20/202061
What Do You Want To Eat, Inc. dba Rowdy Hall - Long Island Region03/20/202028
Townline BBQ, LLC - Long Island Region03/20/202011
FBJ 74, LLC dba Coche Comedor Restaurant - Long Island Region03/20/202020
Pineapple Hospitality Company dba Staypineapple New York - New York City Region03/20/202021
Rumble Fitness, LLC - New York City Region03/20/2020184
Principessa SOHO LLC, dba Little Prince - New York City Region03/20/202043
PRINKIPAS LLC, dba LOLA TAVERNA - New York City Region03/20/202023
HMSHost - JFK - New York City Region03/21/2020246
Madison Restaurant, LLC dba Kappo Masa - New York City Region03/21/202066
Emergency Planning Management Inc. - Finger Lakes Region03/21/202062
HMSHost - Long Island Region03/21/202016
Scott J. Salons - New York City Region03/21/2020202
The Lowell Hotel - New York City Region03/21/202047
Carroll Group NYC LLC, dba Spuyten Duyvil - New York City Region03/21/202012
Carroll Group NYC LLC, dba Fette Sau - New York City Region03/21/202021
Premier Cardiology Consultants, PLLC - Long Island Region03/21/202059
Carroll Group NYC LLC, dba Saint Anselm - New York City Region03/21/202029
Masa NY, LLC dba Masa and Bar Masa - New York City Region03/21/202058
Standard East Village Employer, LLC - New York City Region03/21/202071
70 Pine Ops dba Crown Shy - New York City Region03/22/2020150
Cachet Boutique NYC - New York City Region03/22/202040
OTG JFK T5 Venture, LLC - New York City Region03/22/2020362
OTG JFK T5 Venture, LLC - New York City Region03/22/2020554
Hilton Fashion and Hilton Garden Inn - New York City Region03/22/2020150
Highgate Hotels LP (impacted workers at The Renwick Hotel) - New York City Region03/22/202047
Strivright, Inc. - New York City Region03/23/2020265
Ruby's United LLC dba Happiest Hour - New York City Region03/23/202045
Medusa Greek Taverna - New York City Region03/23/202021
Bogota Latin Bistro - New York City Region03/23/202034
Miti Miti Modern Mexican - New York City Region03/23/202029
McDonnell and McMann Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC dba The Smile Lodge - Capital Region03/23/2020108
Innovative Concepts in Entertainment - Western Region03/23/202079
Picciano & Scahill, P.C. - Long Island Region03/23/202050
Intercos America, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/2020335
We Sell Cellular LLC - Long Island Region03/23/202042
Aimbridge Hospitality - Embassy Suites Syracuse - Central Region03/23/202084
Marriott Resorts Hospitality Corporation dba Marriott Vacation Club Pulse New York - New York City Region03/23/202093
Greek Peak Holdings and Hope Lake Holdings - Central Region03/23/2020577
South Central Restaurant, LLC dba TIJUANA PICNIC - New York City Region03/23/202033
IXHEL Corporation dba CAF� FRIDA - New York City Region03/23/202041
48th Restaurant Associates, LLC dba Avra Estiatorio - New York City Region03/23/2020101
Ludlow Hotel Operating LLC - New York City Region03/23/202070
Intercos America, Inc. - New York City Region03/23/202084
Triomphe Restaurant Corp. dba Jean-Georges Restaurant - New York City Region03/23/2020216
Georgia Pine Clothiers, LLC dba J. McLaughlin - New York City Region03/23/2020118
Waterfront Management, LLC dba Shadows on the Hudson - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/202072
Bondib Hotel dba The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/2020102
Jean Georges of Pound Ridge LLC, dba The Inn at Pound Ridge - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/202083
Ribworks dba Billy Joe's Ribworks - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/202082
Poughkeepsie Landing, LLC dba The Grandview - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/202069
Torches on the Hudson, LLC dba Blu Pointe - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/202076
Eye Care and Vision Associates Ophthalmology, LLP (ECVA) (3 Sites) - Western Region03/23/202060
Nexans Energy USA, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/2020127
Paradies-JFK, LLC - New York City Region03/23/202061
Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel - New York City Region03/23/202057
Elite Services Group, LLC - New York City Region03/23/2020137
Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc. - New York City Region03/23/202042
DL1961 Premium Denim Inc. - New York City Regions03/23/202037
Feinstein's/54 Below - New York City Region03/23/202072
Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, LLC - Finger Lakes Region03/23/202078
Auditory Oral School of New York - New York City Region03/23/202065
Sixty Hospitality, LLC dba Avra Madison Estiatorio - New York City Region03/23/2020212
Sealy - Capital Region03/23/2020140
SpencerARL New York, Inc. - North Country Region03/23/2020107
We Sell Cellular LLC - Long Island Region03/23/202038
Warp Weft World Inc. - New York City Region03/23/20208
Crown Awards - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/2020282
Grand Plaza, The Elegant Manor, Inc. - New York City Region03/23/202028
Hornell Furniture Outlet - Southern Region03/23/202025
T&L Automatics, Inc. - Finger Lakes Region03/23/2020111
Verragio Ltd. - New York City Region03/23/202054
It's Our Pleasure Hospitality Group LLC - New York City Region03/23/202010
Costikyan, Inc. - New York City Region03/23/202017
Renzi Foodservice - North Country Region03/23/2020109
Eye Care and Vision Associates Ophthalmology, LLP (ECVA) (3 Sites) - Western Region03/23/202048
Birote Corporation dba El Mitote - New York City Region03/23/202037
Mr Jonesing LP, dba ACME - New York City Region03/23/202041
DialAmerica - Finger Lakes Region03/23/2020138
SBR&C LLC - New York City Region03/23/202075
Koi NY LLC dba Koi New York - New York City Region03/23/2020109
CMR Rest Corp. dba Ella NYC - New York City Region03/23/202025
Grand Oaks, SSC&R LLC - New York City Region03/23/202051
The Well - New York City Region03/23/202079
57th Restaurant Associates, LLC dba Rue57 Brasserie - New York City Region03/23/2020119
8812-8814 Restaurant Corp dba Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse - New York City Region03/23/202083
Marriott Vacation Worldwide - New York City Region03/23/202084
Chambers Operating, LLC dba The Chambers Hotel - New York City Region03/23/202043
Lucy Kitchen LLC, dba abc v - New York City Region03/23/2020177
Mercer Kitchen LLC, dba Mercer Kitchen - New York City Region03/23/2020170
MFPJJRT Enterprises Inc. dba Anthony's Pier 9 - Mid-Hudson Region03/23/2020100
Soho House New York, LLC - New York City Region03/24/202018
U Gym, LLC dba UFC Gym Club - Long Island Region03/24/2020155
AFP 108 Corp. dba DoubleTree by Hilton Rochester - Finger Lakes Region03/24/202085
Perry Street Project LLC, dba Perry St. - New York City Region03/24/202039
Togg Holdings LLC aka Toggenburg Mountain - Central Region
Pump 80 Pine LLC dba DIG - New York City Region03/24/202031
Origine LLC, dba JoJo - New York City Region03/24/202051
Capital Management Services, LP - Western Region03/24/202052
The Roger Hotel - New York City Region03/24/202050
Pump 52nd Street LLC dba DIG - New York City Region03/24/202026
Milos Inc. dba Estiatorio Milos - New York City Region03/24/2020180
Crescent Hotels & Resorts, LLC (Holiday Inn Manhattan Financial District) - New York City Region03/24/202041
Hilton Garden Inn Melville - Long Island Region03/24/202054
Hooters on 33rd Street - New York City Region03/24/202086
Dig Inn 1319 First Avenue LLC dba DIG - New York City Region03/24/2020273
Pump 275 Madison Ave Restaurant Operating LLC aka DIG - New York City Region03/24/202023
Delta Hotels by Marriott - Mohawk Valley Region03/24/202052
55th Street Restaurant Operating LLC dba DIG - New York City Region03/24/202022
Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel - New York City Region03/24/202060
Dig Inn Rye Ridge LLC aka DIG - Mid-Hudson Region03/24/20207
Patchogue 112 Motors, LLC dba Stevens 112 Ford - Long Island Region03/24/202052
Prosegur Services Group at John F. Kennedy International Airport - New York City Region03/24/202097
Transform - Manhattan Showroom - New York City Region03/24/202050
Overtime Sports, Inc. - New York City Region03/24/202034
440 Jericho Turnpike Auto Sales, LLC dba Ford & Lincoln of Smithtown - Long Island Region03/24/202043
Dynamic Music, Inc. dba The Olive Tree Caf�/Comedy Cellar - New York City Region03/24/202064
The Mark Hotel - New York City Region03/24/2020154
GBND Enterprises, Inc. dba Village Underground - New York City Region03/24/202040
Belvedere Hotel - New York City Region03/24/2020109
Soh-Ludlow Tenant, Inc. - New York City Region03/24/20207
Soho House New York, Inc. - New York City Region03/24/202014
130 West 3rd Caf�, Inc. dba The Fat Black Pussycat - New York City Region03/24/202040
Transform (Headquarters, Manufacturing Facility, and Westchester Showroom) - Mid-Hudson Region
SADA 510 MADISON, LLC dba Empellon - New York City Region03/24/2020106
Sports Physical Therapy of New York, PC (11 sites) - Central Region03/24/202059
The Mark Restaurant - New York City Region03/24/2020161
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, LLC - New York City Region03/24/2020150
Crossroads Apple, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202038
Olum's Furniture and Appliances - Central Region03/25/2020507
Olum's of Binghamton Inc. - Southern Region03/25/202068
Apple- Metro, Inc. Bed-Stuy Apple, LLC - New York City Region03/25/202036
Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Center - Long Island Region03/25/202040
Havatequila Restaurant Partners, LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020138
New Rochelle Apple, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202050
America's Kids LLC - New York City Region03/25/202063
Crest Hollow Country Club dba Crest Hollow Club at Woodbury, Inc. - Long Island Region03/25/2020311
California Pizza Kitchen (store #107) - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202037
Punch the Pickle, LLC dba Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. - New York City Region03/25/20206
California Pizza Kitchen (store #133) - Long Island Region03/25/202051
The Crowne Plaza - White Plains - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202085
Jericho Restaurant Associates LLC dba Rare650 - Long Island Region03/25/202096
SS Bijou LLC dba Jewel - Long Island Region03/25/2020121
Waxing Centers of Buffalo, LLC - Western Region03/25/202093
EB Apple, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202033
Forest Electric Corp. - New York City Region03/25/202072
26th Street Restaurant, LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020134
49th Street Restaurant LLC dba Lillie's - New York City Region03/25/202063
Howard Hughes Corporation and Seaport Hospitality LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020316
Quick Pickle, LLC aka Jacob's Pickles TOM - New York City Region03/25/202010
CRST dba Installs LLC - Western Region03/25/2020179
New York Beer Co., LLC dba Jacob's Pickles - New York City Region03/25/202082
Kuni's Corporation dba Ikinari Steak/Pepper Lunch (4 locations) - New York City Region03/25/202075
Lucky Riceburger Ltd. dba Curry-Ya - New York City Region03/25/202073
Rai Rai Ken Corporation dba Rai Rai Ken - New York City Region03/25/2020127
The Pickle People, LLC aka Maison Pickle - New York City Region03/25/202067
Tiki Chicki, LLC dba Tiki Chick - New York City Region03/25/202023
Dr. Howard Dr. Fine, LLC - New York City Region03/25/202068
Hilton Resorts Corporation - Hilton Grand Vacations Residences and Club - New York City Region03/25/202012
Greyhound Lines, Inc. - New York City Region03/25/2020114
Buddakan NY, L.P. - New York City Region03/25/2020238
Hawthorne Apple, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202027
Yeled v'Yalda Early Childhood Center, Inc. - New York City Region03/25/2020762
Train Design, LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020240
Cortland Apple, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202061
T.I.C. Akean Inc. - New York City Region03/25/2020240
The Roosevelt Hotel NYC - New York City Region03/25/2020507
Pod BK Hotel, LLC - New York City Region03/25/202049
TR Apparel, LLC - New York City Region03/25/202047
SS 110 LLC dba One 10 - Long Island Region03/25/2020163
Fairfield Inn New York Manhattan/Fifth Avenue - New York City Region03/25/202027
Zin Management Services, LLC - Long Island Region03/25/202073
Moe Larry Cheese, LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020117
210 the G, LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020140
Trump Ferry Point, LLC dba Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point - New York City Region03/25/202049
DeIorio Foods, Inc. - Mohawk Valley Region03/25/202064
Hanky Panky Ltd. - New York City Region03/25/202094
InterContinental New York Times Square - New York City Region03/25/2020310
SRHG West, LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020181
Almod Diamonds - Multiple Sites - New York City Region03/25/2020109
Brits on Madison LLC - New York City Region03/25/2020139
Connolly's Pub and Restaurant - New York City Region03/25/2020315
Seventh Street Cafe - Long Island Region03/25/202025
California Pizza Kitchen (store #237) - New York City Region03/25/202041
Cross County Apple, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/25/202048
Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Soho - New York City Region03/25/202034
Melville Steakhouse LLC dba Blackstone Steakhouse - Long Island Region03/25/2020123
Kravet Inc. - Long Island Region03/25/202034
Smithtown Steakhouse LLC dba Insignia Prime Steak Sushi - Long Island Region03/25/2020105
Cup of Nachos LLC dba OXOMOCO - New York City Region03/25/202052
Louis Christopher Management, LLC (multiple sites) - New York City Region03/25/2020118
Crest Hollow Country Club dba Crest Hollow Club at Woodbury, Inc. - Long Island Region03/25/2020287
Indochino Apparel (US) Inc. - New York City Region03/25/202056
SH RG IBB - New York City Region03/25/2020127
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge - New York City Region03/25/2020169
JSalt LLC/Speedy Romeo - New York City Region03/26/202034
GCwNY Rochester Inc. dba Golden Corral - Finger Lakes Region03/26/202050
Cinemark USA, Inc. - Finger Lakes Region03/26/202082
Century Linen - Mohawk Valley Region03/26/2020103
Team Member Services LLC, dba Autobahn Indoor Speedway - Mid-Hudson Region03/26/202027
The Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park - New York City Region03/26/2020315
Zin Management Services, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/26/202070
Inn at Fox Hollow - Long Island Region03/26/202058
West Houston Hall, Inc. - New York City Region03/26/202049
Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort - North Country Region03/26/2020700
Scotto Brothers Corporate Office - Long Island Region03/26/20203
Levene Gouldin & Thompson, LLP - Southern Region03/26/202031
Fancher Chair Company, Inc. - Western Region03/26/202086
Texas Roadhouse - Mid-Hudson Region03/26/202084
Speedy Romeo LLC - New York City Region03/26/202029
Bliss57 and OneSpaWorld - New York City Region03/26/2020111
KHRG 851 LLC and KHRG Employer LLC, dba Hotel Eventi - New York City Region03/26/2020136
Variety Coffee, Variety Caf� Inc. - New York City Region03/26/202031
228 West 10th Street, LLC dba L'Artusi - New York City Region03/26/2020110
P.S. Pibbs, Inc. - New York City Region03/26/202087
Sushi Nakazawa LLC - New York City Region03/26/202044
Hotel Plaza Ath�n�e - New York City Region03/26/2020140
Hotel 57 Services LLC dba Four Seasons Hotel New York - New York City Region03/26/2020372
Greener Pastures Management Corp. dba Irving Farm Coffee Roasters - New York City Region03/26/2020119
Pasta Shop LLC dba Bar Primi - New York City Region03/26/202070
WV Hospitality LLC Leuca/Westlight/William Vale Hotel - New York City Region03/26/2020195
Chumley's 86 LLC - New York City Region03/26/202019
34 8th Avenue LLC dba Anfora - New York City Region03/26/202011
Watermill Caterers - Long Island Region03/26/202094
Tribeca Kitchen LLC dba Little Park - New York City Region03/26/202083
Oki Ringo dba Covina, o ya, & Roof @ Park South - New York City Region03/26/2020104
Mark Former, M.D., P.C. and Mark Fromer LLC - New York City Region03/26/2020105
Alsco, Inc. - Finger Lakes Region03/26/202052
The Saratoga Hilton - Capital Region03/26/2020135
Apple-Metro, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region03/26/202061
NeueHouse Management LLC - New York City Region03/26/202062
Tonali, Inc. dba Maya - New York City Region03/26/202045
Zengo NYC, LLC - New York City Region03/26/202059
Lazar Edible's LLC - New York City Region03/26/202045
Joe's Public LLC, dba Joe�s Pub - New York City Region03/26/202078
Karp Automotive, Inc. - Long Island Region03/26/202075
The Fox Hollow - Long Island Region03/26/2020169
Mandarin Oriental Hotel - New York City Region03/26/202050
Prince Sullivan LLC dba The Dutch - New York City Region03/26/2020120
Lafayette Street Partners II LLC dba Lafayette - New York City Region03/26/2020149
Global Facility Management & Construction, Inc. - Long Island Region03/26/202044
38 West 26th Street Restaurant Corp. dba Flatiron Hall - New York City Region03/26/202049
Chateau Briand Caterers - Long Island Region03/26/2020124
Peter Luger of Long Island, Inc. dba Peter Luger Steak House - Long Island Region03/26/202061
The Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. - New York City Region03/27/202012
Bagatelle Little West 12th LLC - New York City Region03/27/202091
Bagatelle Downtown LLC - New York City Region03/27/202030
Omni Berkshire Corporation dba Omni Berkshire Place Hotel - New York City Region03/27/202052
Biscuits & Bath (13 NYC locations) - New York City Region03/27/2020207
84 William Street JV, LLC dba AKA Wall Street - New York City Region03/27/202031
Loews Regency New York Hotel - New York City Region03/27/2020285
Hudson Rooftop LLC - New York City Region03/27/202044
RF Broadway LLC dba RedFarm - New York City Region03/27/202067
BL 62 West 9th Street dba CASA APICII - New York City Region03/27/202023
Sweet Chick Lyfe, LLC dba Sweet Chick - New York City Region03/27/202015
A&M (2015) LLC dba Mandee - Mid-Hudson Region03/27/202031
A&M (2015) LLC dba Mandee (10 Long Island locations) - Long Island Region03/27/2020240
A&M (2015) LLC dba Mandee and Urban Plant - New York City Region03/27/2020240
Sweet Chick Flatbush, LLC dba Sweet Chick - New York City Region03/27/202046
Rony Elka Vardi Inc. dba Catbird - New York City Region03/27/2020112
Atlantic Veal & Lamb, LLC - New York City Region03/27/202073
Knotel, Inc. (2 locations) - New York City Region03/27/2020100
Sweet Chick Vernon LLC dba Sweet Chick - New York City Region03/27/202036
Legendary Auto Interiors - Finger Lakes Region03/27/202057
Boriken Neighborhood Health Center, East Harlem Council for Human Services, Inc. - New York City Region03/27/202029
Scott's Buffalo Suites LLC (Hawthorn Suites) - Western Region03/27/202024
China Grill Management 12 E 22 LLC dba Almond - New York City Region03/27/202069
Sweet Chick LES, LLC dba Sweet Chick - New York City Region03/27/202045
Coast Professional, Inc. - Finger Lakes Region03/27/2020240
Rent the Runway, Inc. - New York City Region03/27/202036
Union Sq 4th F&B Management LLC, dba BOWERY ROAD and LIBRARY OF DISTILLED SPIRITS - New York City Region03/27/202049
Momofuku (multiple locations) - New York City Region03/27/2020331
Coast Professional, Inc. - Western Region03/27/202065
S.P.E.A.R. Physical and Occupational Therapy PLLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/27/202053
S.P.E.A.R. Physical and Occupational Therapy PLLC (19 NYC Locations) - New York City Region03/27/2020133
Pebble Corp. dba Sweet Chick - New York City Region03/27/202053
Residence Inn - Courtyard by Marriott Central Park Hotel - New York City Region03/27/2020158
American Management Association International (Saranac Lake) - North Country Region03/27/202046
56th & Park F&B Management LLC dba The Restaurant at 432 Park Avenue - New York City Region03/27/202026
Omni Berkshire Corporation dba Omni Berkshire Place Hotel - New York City Region03/27/2020268
FX Caprara CDJR of Watertown LLC - North Country Region03/27/202031
Coast Professional, Inc. - Southern Region03/27/2020146
Positive Promotions, Inc. - Long Island Region03/27/2020236
American Management Association International (NYC) - New York City Region03/27/202023
Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating - New York City Region03/27/202074
P.F. Chang's China Bistro (Westbury - Store #4800) - Long Island Region03/27/2020118
Levain Bakery and Engage PEO - New York City Region03/27/202053
USEReady - New York City Region03/27/202030
ABCO Refrigeration Supply Corp. - New York City Region03/27/202032
85 W Broadway JV LLC, aka Tribeca - New York City Region03/27/202027
Patroon Operating Co. LLC dba Aretsky's Patroon - New York City Region03/27/202078
SBE dba Umani 57th Street and Privilege Bar - New York City Region
LeNoble Lumber Co., Inc. - New York City Region03/27/202099
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - Mohawk Valley Region03/27/202086
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - North Country Region03/27/202031
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - Central Region03/27/2020236
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - Capital Region03/27/2020146
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - Western Region03/27/202011
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - Mid-Hudson Region03/27/202045
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - Long Island Region03/27/2020372
Paper Source - Long Island Region03/27/20209
Paper Source - Mid-Hudson Region03/27/202021
Paper Source - New York City Region03/27/2020163
A&M Administration LLC dba Charlotte Russe - New York City Region03/27/202061
Rivka Inc. - New York City Region03/28/202037
Caf� Mogador LLC - New York City Region03/28/202043
Major Food Group (MFG) Highline Restaurant LLC - New York City Region03/29/202073
McVeigh Global Meeting and Events, LLC - Long Island Region03/29/202053
Bufkin Enterprises, Ltd. - New York City Region03/29/202012
Major Food Group (MFG) Ludlow Hotel Food & Beverage, LLC - New York City Region03/29/202081
Major Food Group (MFG) - Parm Battery Park LLC - New York City Region03/29/202052
Major Food Group (MFG) Parm Upper West LLC - New York City Region03/29/202048
Major Food Group (MFG) 375 Park Food LLC - New York City Region03/29/2020176
132 W. 27th Street LLC - New York City Region03/30/202058
The Marlow Collective dba Achilles Heel - New York City Region03/30/202014
The Marlow Collective, 243 Dekalb Ave. Rest. Corp. dba Roman's - New York City Region03/30/202027
Fairfield Inn - NY Downtown Manhattan World Trade Center Area - New York City Region03/30/202025
The Marlow Collective dba Marlow & Sons - New York City Region03/30/202026
The Marlow Collective dba Diner - New York City Region03/30/202025
Con Tech Building Systems, Inc. - North Country Region03/30/202052
CHF Industries, Inc. - New York City Region03/30/202034
Havana Central NY4, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region03/30/202065
Havana Central NY2, LLC and The Merrin Group - New York City Region03/30/2020112
Havana Central NY5, LLC - Long Island Region03/30/2020108
63 W. 38th Street LLC - New York City Region03/30/2020111
Mayrich Foundation Company LLC - New York City Region03/30/202011
SBG Construction Corp. - New York City Region03/30/202029
Mayrich Equipment Corp. - New York City Region03/30/202019
Mayrich Construction Corp. - New York City Region03/30/202016
1661, Inc. dba GOAT and Flight Club New York, LLC - New York City Region03/30/202079
Gala Productions LLC - New York City Region03/30/202076
Standard High Line Employer, LLC "Hotel F&B" - New York City Region03/30/2020415
Two's Company, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region03/30/2020109
Harbor Day Care Center, Inc. dba Harbor Child Care - Long Island Region03/30/2020272
Glenn Wayne Bakery - Long Island Region03/30/202057
Yeshivah of Flatbush (2 locations) - New York City Region03/30/202034
Special Event Staffing - New York City Region03/30/2020297
In Good Company HG Inc. - New York City Region03/30/202028
In Good Co Park Ave Inc. - New York City Region03/30/202060
Standard High Line Employer, LLC - New York City Region03/30/2020164
Rooftop 63 LLC - New York City Region03/30/202070
Brighton Surgery Center, LLC - Finger Lakes Region03/30/202019
444 PAS Restaurant Associates LLC - New York City Region03/30/202084
Studio Instrument Rentals Inc. - New York City Region03/30/202053
Maggy London International, Ltd. - New York City Region03/30/202041
Empire Architectural Metal, Corp. - New York City Region03/30/2020125
44 Restaurant LLC dba The Lambs Club - New York City Region03/30/2020133
Paragon Sports, LLC - New York City Region03/30/2020230
The Garden City Hotel - Long Island Region03/30/2020290
1 Hotel Central Park - New York City Region03/30/2020146
The Penn Club of New York - New York City Region03/30/202060
Wilbedone dba Stone Central (2 locations) - Central Region03/30/202060
Refinery Lobby Bar LLC - New York City Region03/30/202027
The Manhattan Club Timeshare Association Inc. - New York City Region03/30/2020104
PRYM 1216 Street Level LLC - New York City Region03/30/202041
New York Cinema Investments LLC dba Cinepolis - New York City Region03/30/202037
Spire Hospitality - North Country Region03/30/202090
Yeshivah of Flatbush - New York City Region03/30/2020197
38 W. 36th Street LLC - New York City Region03/30/202053
Greyhound Lines, Inc. - Western Region03/30/202019
Neurological Specialties of Long Island, PLLC and Addan Equipment LLC - Long Island Region03/31/202043
28 Liberty F&B Management, LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020178
North American Dental Group - Mid-Hudson Region03/31/2020259
OTG Management, LLC - New York City Region03/31/202054
Pierre Rougier PR Consulting Inc. - New York City Region03/31/20209
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - Western Region03/31/202030
North American Dental Group - Southern Region03/31/202034
Food 2 Lex LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020184
North American Dental Group - Finger Lakes Region03/31/202034
Daily Provisions LLC, dba Daily Provisions - New York City Region03/31/202041
St. James Associates, L.P. - New York City Region03/31/2020177
545 West 30th Street F & B Management, LLC dba Cedric's at the Shed - New York City Region03/31/202034
Art Food, LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020273
29th Street NY Food and Beverage Operating Company LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020165
Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG), LLC - New York City Region03/31/202045
Asia Five Eight LLC dba TAO Uptown - New York City Region03/31/2020196
375 Amsterdam Avenue, LLC dba Daily Provisions - New York City Region03/31/202049
Hudson Yards Catering LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020416
Martinique New York on Broadway, Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel - New York City Region03/31/2020123
Primark US Corp. - New York City Region03/31/2020395
BD Stanhope, LLC dba TAO Downtown - New York City Region03/31/2020241
Village East and City Cinemas 123 Theatres (2 Locations) - New York City Region03/31/202055
New York RGI Sub, LLC (East 50th Street) - New York City Region03/31/202091
Macro Retailing LLC dba Super Shoes - North Country Region03/31/202012
Macro Retailing LLC dba Super Shoes - Capital Region03/31/202017
OTG Management LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020259
Peter Luger, Inc. - New York City Region03/31/202034
Ben's Restaurant Group, Inc. - New York City Region03/31/202092
Eastern Heating & Cooling, Inc. - Capital Region03/31/202038
North American Dental Group - Western Region03/31/202054
Hudson Yards Sports and Entertainment LLC - New York City Region03/31/202049
Union Square Caf� II, LLC dba Union Square Caf� - New York City Region03/31/2020139
French Onion Soup LLC, dba Quality Eats - New York City Region03/31/2020144
Whit Food II LLC - New York City Region03/31/202047
Blue Smoke, LLC dba Blue Smoke - New York City Region03/31/2020104
Araca Merchandise L.P. - New York City Region03/31/2020107
Madison Entertainment Associates LLC dba LAVO NY - New York City Region03/31/2020185
289 Hospitality, LLC dba Marquee NY - New York City Region03/31/202049
Bacon & Bagels, LLC dba Quality Eats - New York City Region03/31/202047
Off Cuts, LLC dba Quality Eats - New York City Region03/31/202039
Peanut Butter & Kimchee, LLC dba Quality Eats - New York City Region03/31/202070
Capitol Fire Sprinkler Co. Inc. - New York City Region03/31/202058
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP - New York City Region03/31/202034
Millennium Hotel Buffalo - Western Region03/31/2020104
Guapo Bodega LLC, dba Beauty & Essex NY - New York City Region03/31/2020159
UOVO Art, LLC - New York City Region03/31/20209
The Manhattan Ocean Club Associates, LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020120
The Century Association (the Club) - New York City Region03/31/202081
United Chicken Fingers, LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020123
Baked Ziti, LLC - New York City Region03/31/2020142
Reading International dba Angelika Theatre - New York City Region03/31/202034
Eastern Heating & Cooling, Inc. - Capital Region03/31/202054
Macro Retailing LLC, dba Super Shoes - Mohawk Valley Region03/31/202015
Venia Contracting, LLC - Long Island Region03/31/202084
Blue Smoke 102 North End Ave LLC dba Blue Smoke - New York City Region03/31/202063
Browns of Bellport, Inc. - Long Island Region03/31/202086
USE LX LLC dba Lexus Intersect - New York City Region03/31/202062
Bowery Hospitality Services LLC, dba Vandal - New York City Region03/31/2020124
Juniper Nyack Employment LLC, The Time Nyack - Mid-Hudson Region03/31/202068
Uncle Biagio, LLC dba Don Angie - New York City Region03/31/202045
Porchlight West Chelsea, LLC dba Porchlight - New York City Region03/31/202034
331 PAS F&B Management, LLC dba LoBall - New York City Region03/31/202016
GT Operating Company LLC dba Gramercy Tavern - New York City Region03/31/2020189
Howard Zimmerman Architects, P.C. - New York City Region03/31/202042
TC Jeep Inc. - Long Island Region03/31/202042
DSM California, LLC and Foroz Associates, LLC dba Holiday Inn - Western Region04/01/202057
55th Street Hospitality Holdings, LLC dba The Ricky Fishbowl and PHD Terrace - New York City Region04/01/202095
Seventh Hospitality LLC dba Legasea Magic Hour and Bar Moxy "Moxy TS F&B" - New York City Region04/01/2020212
Eataly NY, LLC - New York City Region04/01/2020314
Ruth's Chris Steak House - Long Island Region04/01/202065
11th Street Hospitality LLC, dba Cathedrale, Alphabet Bar and Little Sister - New York City Region04/01/2020218
DGA Security Systems, Inc. - New York City Region04/01/202032
Elie Tahari Ltd. - New York City Region04/01/202065
Eataly NY FIDI, LLC - New York City Region04/01/2020260
Ninth Avenue Hospitality LLC dba Bodega Negra Electric Room and PHD - New York City Region04/01/2020258
Camp NYC, Inc. - New York City Region04/01/202091
Chelsea Hospitality Associates LLC dba Feroce Bar Feroce and Fleur Room "Moxy Chelsea F&B" - New York City Region04/01/2020173
Pryor Cashman LLP - New York City Region04/01/202053
Ruth's Chris Steak House - New York City Region04/01/202073
Pain D'Avignon III LTD dba Pain D�Avignon Bakery - New York City Region04/01/202053
Ruth's Chris Steak House - Mid-Hudson Region04/01/202058
Capacity Interactive Consulting LLC - New York City Region04/01/202050
Welsbach Electric Corp. - New York City Region04/01/202031
NS Auto Sales Inc., dba North Shore Honda - Long Island Region04/01/202036
EVEN Hotel Brooklyn - New York City Region04/01/202047
Bonhams - New York City Region04/01/202022
PrimeFlight Aviation Services, Inc. - Long Island Region04/01/2020195
Icon Parking Holdings LLC (227 Locations in NYC) - New York City Region04/02/2020883
HLD Gari LLC, dba Sushi of Gari Upper East Side - New York City Region04/02/202025
HLD Tribeca LLC dba Sushi of Gari Tribeca - New York City Region04/02/202022
Hudson's Bay Company - New York City Region04/02/2020491
Caleres, Inc. New York Corporate Headquarters - New York City Region04/02/202070
Gerber Collision and Glass - Western Region04/02/202019
HLD 46th LLC dba Sushi of Gari 46 - New York City Region04/02/202030
Pallette Stone Corporation - Capital Region04/02/202027
Benihana New York Corp. dba Benihana New York - New York City Region04/02/2020161
Talbots - New York City Region04/02/2020114
Jointa Galusha, LLC (3 sites) - Capital Region04/02/202010
21' Club - New York City Region04/02/2020142
The Johnny Rockets Group, Inc. - Central Region04/02/202036
Benihana New York Corp. Dba Benihana Manhasset - Long Island Region04/02/202043
Southern Tier Insulations - Southern Region04/02/202035
AMETEK Rotron - Mid-Hudson Region04/02/2020268
Haru Broadway-Times Square Corp. dba Haru Times Square - New York City Region04/02/202057
Hassett Lincoln Merc Sales Inc. - Long Island Region04/02/202030
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Horseheads - Southern Region04/02/202032
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Johnstown - Mohawk Valley Region04/02/202020
KHRG Muse LLC dba The Muse Hotel - New York City Region04/02/2020101
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Olean - Western Region04/02/202035
New York Friendly's Restaurant - New Hartford - Mohawk Valley Region04/02/202031
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Liverpool - Central Region04/02/202037
Haru Amsterdam Avenue Corp. dba Haru Amsterdam - New York City Region04/02/202029
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Capital Area Inc. - Capital Region04/02/2020154
Benihana Westbury Corp. - Long Island Region04/02/202051
AMETEK Hughes-Treitler - Long Island Region04/02/2020170
Sear 200 LLC, dba Sear Steakhouse - Western Region04/02/202073
Cool Wind Ventilation Corp. - New York City Region04/02/202058
Haru Wall Street Corp. dba Haru Wall Street - New York City Region04/02/202031
Haru Hell's Kitchen Corp. dba Haru Hell's Kitchen - New York City Region04/02/202026
HLD Columbus LLC, dba Gari Columbus - New York City Region04/02/202030
Pasta La Vista, Inc. dba Pazza Notte - New York City Region04/02/202053
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Johnson City - Southern Region04/02/202043
Asplundh Tree Expert LLC - Long Island Region04/03/202049
RDG Global, LLC - New York City Region04/03/202028
Tilcon NY Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region04/03/20209
The Woman's Health Pavilion (2 Locations) - Long Island Region04/03/202039
Intent Global, Inc. dba Intent - New York City Region04/03/202043
The Woman's Health Pavilion - New York City Region04/03/202014
Tilcon NY Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region04/03/20209
The Woman's Health Pavilion - New York City Region04/03/202062
Keith Titus Corporation - Central Region04/03/202058
Monroe County Automotive Services Inc. - Finger Lakes Region04/03/2020129
Dolomite Products Co., Inc. - Finger Lakes Region04/03/20205
New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters - New York City Region04/03/202076
The Woman's Health Pavilion (2 Locations) - Long Island Region04/03/202059
H.F. Corwin & Son, Inc. - Long Island Region04/03/202014
W Services Group, LLC - Long Island Region04/03/202035
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Troy - Capital Region04/03/202035
China Management LLC (2 locations) - New York City Region04/03/202057
Metro Chrysler Plymouth Inc. dba Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SRT Fiat - New York City Region04/03/202055
Refresh Club, Inc. dba The Wing - New York City Region04/03/2020113
TG 29 Hospitality, LLC dba Royalton Park Avenue - New York City Region04/03/202073
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Queensbury - Capital Region04/03/202039
New York Friendly's Restaurant - Clifton Park - Capital Region04/03/202034
Hotel Indigo Lower East Side New York - New York City Region04/03/202062
Christopher's Restaurant Inc. dba Comfort Inn and Suites, Eclipse Fitness and Spa, Perkins, Plattsburgh Brewing Company, Champ's Fun City - North Country Region04/03/2020131
Smith Haven Auto Group - Long Island Region04/03/2020130
Eastport Feeds, Inc. - Long Island Region04/03/20203
Crescent Duck Farm, Inc. - Long Island Region04/03/202046
Rag & Bone Industries, LLC and Rag Traders Retail, LLC (multiple sites) - New York City Region04/03/2020140
STAT Fire Sprinkler, Inc. - Long Island Region04/03/202052
Ro-Zap Enterprises, Inc. dba Carriage Traders - Capital Region04/03/202059
Wilbur International, Inc. - Long Island Region04/03/202099
Reliant Services Group, LLC dba Reliant Funding - Long Island Region04/03/202018
Borenstein Caterers, Inc. - New York City Region04/03/202033
Romeo Chevrolet Buick GMC - Mid-Hudson Region04/03/202039
Romeo Ford of Kingston - Mid-Hudson Region04/03/202032
ClearVision Optical Company Inc. - Long Island Region04/06/202061
Guess?, Inc. - Finger Lakes Region04/06/202012
InterContinental New York Barclay - New York City Region04/06/2020342
Guess?, Inc. - New York City Region04/06/202061
Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl Inc. - Capital Region04/06/202047
Guess?, Inc. - Capital Region04/06/202070
Crafted Hospitality - Long Island Region04/06/202055
Miller's Ale House, Inc. - New York City Region04/06/202070
Miller's Ale House, Inc. - Long Island Region04/06/202092
The Martin-Brower Company, LLC - Mid-Hudson Region04/06/2020116
Heinrich Chevrolet Corp. - Western Region04/06/202072
Miller's Ale House, Inc. - Long Island Region04/06/202094
Miller's Ale House, Inc. - Long Island Region04/06/202095
Miller's Ale House, Inc. - Long Island Region04/06/202093
Brooklyn Brewery Corporation - New York City Region04/06/202066
Guess?, Inc. - Long Island Region04/06/2020130
Nederlander Productions, Inc. - New York City Region04/06/202012
Karla Otto, Inc. - New York City Region04/06/202028
Trump International Hotel & Tower Condominium dba Trump International Hotel & Tower New York - New York City Region04/06/202070
Gotham City Collision Corp. - New York City Region04/06/202021
Gabriel's Collision Long Island City, Inc. dba Gotham City Collision - New York City Region04/06/202029
Guess?, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region04/06/202046
Guess?, Inc. - Western Region04/06/202018
Crafted Hospitality (3 NYC locations) - New York City Region04/06/202049
Crestline Hotels & Resorts dba Courtyard Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square and Residence Inn Syracuse Downtown - Central Region04/07/202036
NoHo Hospitality LLC - New York City Region04/07/202037
ECD NY Inc. - New York City Region04/07/202075
Milgo Industrial, Inc. - New York City Region04/07/202043
Rockaway Hunting Club - Long Island Region04/07/202034
GAMMA North - Western Region04/07/202046
Air Canada - New York City Region04/07/202069
Cord Contracting Co., Inc. - Long Island Region04/07/202095
125 W. 44 Restaurant Associates, LLC dba Hunt & Fish Club - New York City Region04/07/202073
Swimline Corporation dba Swimline - Long Island Region04/07/2020139
Ide Pontiac, Inc. dba Ide Honda (3 locations) - Finger Lakes Region04/07/202063
Ide Volkswagen, Inc. dba Ide Volkswagen - Finger Lakes Region04/07/202019
Avianca - Long Island Region04/07/20205
The Kimberly Hotel - New York City Region04/07/202083
Crestline Hotels & Resorts Hilton Garden Inn Islip/MacArthur Airport - Long Island Region04/07/202034
OrthopedicsNY, LLC - Capital Region04/07/2020157
Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Manhattan/Financial District - New York City Region04/08/202040
Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram - Long Island Region04/08/202085
Callanan Industries, Inc. - Mohawk Valley Region04/08/202014
The Courtyard by Marriott Times Square - New York City Region04/08/202075
The Residence Inn Times Square - New York City Region04/08/2020106
Moose Goose Holding Inc. dba The Grey Dog - New York City Region04/08/202039
Moose Goose Holding Inc. dba The Grey Dog - New York City Region04/08/202057
Venture Forthe, Inc. - Western Region04/08/20205
Hamburger Intermediary, LLC dba Bill's Bar & Burger - Rock Center NY - New York City Region04/08/2020141
Venture Forthe, Inc. - Western Region04/08/20203
Michael Page International Inc. - New York City Region04/08/202084
Piping Rock Club - Long Island Region04/08/202068
Nobu 57 LLC dba Nobu New York Fifty Seven - New York City Region04/08/2020239
B.R. Guest Holdings, LLC dba Dos Caminos - Meatpacking NY - New York City Region04/08/202096
Moose Goose Holding Inc. dba The Grey Dog - New York City Region04/08/202032
ClassPass, Inc. - New York City Region04/08/2020146
Hotel Pennsylvania - New York City Region04/08/2020410
B.R. Guest Holdings, LLC dba Dos Caminos - Park Ave NY - New York City Region04/08/202083
Nobu 195 LLC, dba Nobu New York Downtown - New York City Region04/08/2020175
Venture Forthe, Inc. - Finger Lakes Region04/08/20206
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurants, Inc. dba Bubba Gump - New York City Region04/08/2020214
Morris Heights Health Center - New York City Region04/08/2020115
Morton's of Chicago/Fifth Ave. dba Morton's - New York - New York City Region04/08/202069
Venture Forthe, Inc. - Western Region04/08/20203
Venture Forthe, Inc. - Southern Region04/08/20202
B.R. Guest Holdings, LLC dba Blue Fin - New York - New York City Region04/08/2020129
Guitar Center Inc. - New York City Region04/08/2020154
B.R. Guest Parent Holdings, LLC dba Bill's Bar & Burger - Downtown - New York City Region04/08/2020100
McCormick & Schmick Restaurant Corp. dba Mastro's Steakhouse - New York - New York City Region04/08/2020120
Moose Goose Holding Inc. dba The Grey Dog - New York City Region04/08/202031
Fairview USA Inc. - Western Region04/08/202013
Westbury Manor Enterprises, Inc. - Long Island Region04/08/2020111
B.R. Guest Holdings, LLC dba Dos Caminos - Times Square - New York City Region04/08/2020131
Slocum Dickson Medical Group, PLLC - Mohawk Valley Region04/09/202023
Allied New York Services, Inc. - Long Island Region04/09/2020226
Breakaway Courier Corporation - New York City Region04/09/202045
Bayside CJ LLC - New York City Region04/09/202065
Venture Forthe, Inc. - Western Region04/09/20206
VSP Global - New York City Region04/09/2020146
VSP Global - Long Island Region04/09/2020176
Yelp Inc. - New York City Region04/09/2020590
Buca Restaurants. Inc. dba Buca di Beppo - Capital Region04/10/202035
Juicerie LLC dba The Butcher's Daughter - New York City Region04/10/202043
Planet Hollywood (Broadway), LLC dba Planet Hollywood and dba Buca di Beppo - New York City Region04/10/202025
Keeler Motor Car Company - Capital Region04/10/2020211
Marriott Hotel Services, Inc. dba Long Island Marriott Hotel and Conference Center (Uniondale) - Long Island Region04/10/2020211
Tiger Retail Coast, LLC dba Flying Tiger Copenhagen - Long Island Region04/10/202049
Button, Inc. - Long Island Region04/10/202044
Arista - New York City Region04/10/2020172
Tiger Retail Coast, LLC dba Flying Tiger Copenhagen - Long Island Region04/10/202062
Townsend Leather Company - Mohawk Valley Region04/10/202061
Juicerie IV LLC dba The Butcher's Daughter - Long Island Region04/10/202042
Juicerie 3 LLC dba The Butcher's Daughter - New York City Region04/10/202022
Tourneau, LLC - Long Island Region04/10/202049
Lexus of Queens - Manhattan Luxury Automobiles, Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202082
Manhattan Luxury Automobiles, Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202059
Bay Ridge Nissan, Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202096
Toyota of Manhattan - Skyline Automobiles, Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202075
Bay Ridge Foreign Autos, Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202070
Westchester Toyota Westchester Foreign Autos, Inc. - Mid-Hudson Region04/13/2020100
Wonton Food Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202039
Wonton Food Inc. - Long Island Region04/13/202096
Bay Ridge Toyota (Bay Ridge Motor Sales, Inc.) - New York City Region04/13/2020105
Lehigh Cement Company LLC - Capital Region04/13/202054
Bay Ridge Chevrolet Inc. - New York City Region04/13/202039
Fordham Toyota (Fordham Auto Sales, LLC) - New York City Region04/13/202074
Vornado Two Penn Plaza LLC - New York City Region04/14/202031
Building Maintenance Service LLC - New York City Region04/14/2020206
888 Seventh Ave LLC - New York City Region04/14/202029
VNO 100 West 33rd Street LLC - New York City Region04/14/202042
Ninety Park Property LLC - New York City Region04/14/202031
Eleven Penn Plaza LLC - New York City Region04/14/202034
770 Broadway Company LLC - New York City Region04/14/202058
Sharestates, Inc. - Long Island Region04/14/202018
Broadway Park Fee LLC - New York City Region04/14/202040
Donaldsons Inc. - Long Island Region04/14/202022
Comfort Systems USA, Inc. - Central Region? 3/31/2020119

SOURCE: Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification

In March, the state’s unemployment rate rose to 4.5 percent from 3.7 percent the month before, the largest monthly increase the state had seen since at least 1976, according to the state Department of Labor. And New York state saw an 0.5 percent drop in private sector jobs in March, the largest monthly decline in more than a decade.

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