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This hotel will match room decor to your mood

The Angad Art Hotel lets guests book a room with a color motif based on their mood at check-in
November 04, 2018 09:00AM

(Credit: Angad Art Hotel)

At a new St. Louis hotel, a concierge asking “how are you?” is making more than just small talk.

That’s because the Angad Art Hotel seeks to pair guests with a room that matches their mood. At the hotel, which opened Thursday, rooms are decorated and painted in one color that seeks to evoke a mood that either matches that of the guest, or is picked by the guest to help attain a new mental state, according to the Chicago Tribune.

A red room evokes passion, perhaps for a romantic getaway. Blue is considered tranquil and green can be rejuvenating.

Each room is not only painted in the color, but its furnishings and decorations also adhere to the color scheme..

“We thought, ‘Why not give guests the opportunity to tailor their experience by booking the room around the emotion of color?’” said Steve Smith, co-developer of the Angad.. “It hadn’t been done before.”

The color scheme is part of a larger effort to make the boutique hotel an Instagram-worthy conversation starter.

Guests enter the hotel through the back of the building under a fire escape and are greeted in the lobby by a 14-foot-tall sculpture of stacked suitcases. The hotel’s lobby also works as an art gallery include a feature called “Behind Closed Doors,” where guests open a door to see a surprise art installation, which can be anything from a poem to virtual reality goggles. [Chicago Tribune] — Joe Ward