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Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez, at left, supported the measure to limit single-family development near the 606 and parts of Pilsen, while Alderman Raymond Lopez opposed it. (Facebook via Sigcho-Lopez and Lopez respectfully)

City Council takes aim at gentrification

 Ever since the 606 opened in 2015, home prices and rents near the trail and in the area have risen sharply. Some elected officials and longtime residents say the trend has led to gentrification,...

City Council takes aim at gentrification
Ray McGuire photographed by Axel Dupeux.
New York

The Closing: Ray McGuire

Ray McGuire’s path from “the streets to the suites” is made-for-movie stuff. Growing up poor and fatherless in Dayton, Ohio, he worked his way into the elite boarding school Hotchkiss, then Harvard for undergraduate,...

The Closing: Ray McGuire
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