The Real Deal New York

At the desk of: Joe Farrell

By Jill Noonan | July 29, 2011 11:41PM

Bridgehampton denizens have probably noticed a handsome new building on the edge of town. The structure, which went up last May, serves as central command for prolific East End residential developer Joe Farrell, whose “Sandcastle” estate made international headlines when it rented for two weeks last summer for a stunning $500,000. Farrell is renting it again this summer, but he also has a host of other projects in the works. He says he has delivered 18 homes in the $3.5 to $10 million range so far this summer, and that by the end of the season he’ll have completed 30. Plus, he said, his new, more visible office — which has an employee barber shop in the basement and an upstairs apartment for his personal pilot — has been a “boon for business.”

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