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Should the real estate industry take a stance on Trump? Our readers weigh in.

Sep.September 01, 2017 11:00 AM

Last month, The Real Deal reached out to more than 50 top real estate executives for a quick gut check after President Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. While the majority declined to talk, or disregarded the inquiry, there was no shortage of emails, Twitter responses and online comments after the story went live. The many reactions — both supportive and critical of our coverage — remind us that uncomfortable conversations are often needed to deal with uncomfortable moments. If one thing is certain, 2017 won’t be remembered as a year of political correctness.

I am appalled by the above referenced article, which is nothing more than a thinly veiled example of anti-Semitism that singles out Jews in the real estate industry and somehow seeks to hold them accountable for social commentary on anti-Semitism and the rantings of Donald Trump. I have never before complained to a media outlet, or commented on social media, that their content was anti-Semitic, and I am shocked that I am now having to contact The Real Deal, a media outlet I had hereto been a devout reader of.

You have identified and listed Jewish individuals and if they have any affiliation with any Jewish group, you have made the blanket assertion that [they] “… share the goal of confronting anti-Semitism.”

This article directly plays up anti-Semitic tropes that:
1) Jews own all real estate in New York
2) That they value money over morals
3) “A Protocol of the Elders of Zion”-type of conspiracy that Jews are trying to control the world.

I expect a response to this email or a published letter of apology. I have recorded the anti-Semitic responses you have incited in the comments section of the published article on Facebook.

Lemore Czeisler

Good article. And good call to include all The Real Deal writers in the byline. The takeaway is that Jewish CEOs are exactly like all other CEOs – when it comes down to the wire, only a small handful have the spine to stand up and use their moral compass to speak out unequivocally. Condemning Trump without naming him also shows that the majority of them do have a
moral compass, even if it is second to their calculation of their business interests.

There will always be a small minority, like some of the commenters here, who show themselves up for what they are – failures as human beings. If their child is being molested by a pedophile and a liberal or a conservative violently stops that pedophile – would they be sitting around ranking the violence of the pedophile versus the violence the person who stopped him?


TRD is stooping pretty low, literally trying to bait out conservative real estate execs, only to tar and feather them publicly thereafter. Very sad seeing TRD step this far into the political arena. I do not think anyone wishes to see the swastika front and center when they come to read real estate news…


So much silence from the NYC real estate industry it’s starting to look like complicity. Shameful.

Scott RE Elyanow

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