Party like a broker in Barbados

Corcoran’s top performers went on a weeklong excursion
By Erin Hudson | June 01, 2018 10:00AM

Corcoran’s agents in Barbados

The Corcoran Group’s A team spent a rosé-soaked week in Barbados last month as part of the brokerage’s annual President’s Council retreat for its top 40 agents from New York, South Florida and the Hamptons.

On a conference call from the beach, with a fresh round of cocktails in hand, Corcoran president Pam Liebman and New York-based agents Jessica Buchman and Scott Stewart dished on the revelry.

“I’m relaxing,” Stewart said, claiming the best part of the trip so far was a spa treatment, courtesy of Liebman, at Sandy Lane, their five-star hotel, that “changed my whole aura.”

Other favorites included a caviar and champagne happy hour held in Leighton Candler’s room, a five-course al fresco dinner at British chef Paul Owens’ restaurant The Cliff and a visit to Nikki Beach Saint Barth. Still to come was the traditional raucous catamaran trip with “a lot of tequila, a lot of good music,” which Liebman said is the favorite event.

“What happens on the boat stays on the boat, if you know what I mean,” joked Buchman. But the work doesn’t stop for Corcoran’s best — not even in paradise.

Before their departure, Liebman gave each of the agents mobile WiFi routers so they could stay connected.

“We all end up doing deals down here and, when we do them with each other,” said Buchman. “That’s kind of magical.”

The trip is meant to build referral networks across the company and show agents appreciation because, Liebman knows, “these folks could literally work anywhere.”

There’s a new destination every year, so repeat-winners, like Buchman and Stewart, don’t get bored. Last year was Ibiza, which Stewart said they’re “still recovering” from.

“We spend all year biting our nails hoping we qualify,” said Buchman.