WATCH: Benjamin Brafman on his comedy days, his bonds with Puff Daddy and Charlie Kushner, his views on #MeToo and more

Sep.September 01, 2018 09:00 AM

With clients like Harvey Weinstein, Puff Daddy, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Michael Jackson, it’s nearly impossible for Benjamin Brafman to avoid the limelight.

“Like when somebody drowns at the beach, there’s 2,000 people who try and look and see and it’s sort of morbid curiosity,” the criminal defense lawyer told The Real Deal. “It’s a strange form of voyeurism and I don’t like it.”

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Brafman, who just turned 70, recently represented convicted “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, and is now defending Weinstein — the embattled Hollywood producer facing accusations of sexual assault from more than 80 women.

“I would suggest that the people stay tuned,” Brafman said of the Weinstein case. “I’m not so certain at the end of the day, once all of the facts are vetted, the allegations of rape come out as acts of rape.”

Brafman’s real estate clients may also sound familiar. Fourteen years ago, he represented Charlie Kushner in his witness-tampering and tax-evasion trial. And more recently, he defended New York landlord Steve Croman, who pleaded guilty to fraud and grand larceny.

During this month’s Closing interview, Brafman talked more in-depth about some of his most notable cases, his views on the #MeToo movement and why he’s not a “yes man.”

Video produced by Jhila Farzaneh

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