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Council member could lose his job for failing to protect Marilyn Monroe’s old house

Paul Krekorian could be recalled come July
(credit: mayorsam.blogspot.com, YouTube.com)

(credit: mayorsam.blogspot.com, YouTube.com)

Some like it hot — but L.A. council member Paul Krekorian may be getting more heat than he wants over the demolition of Marilyn Monroe’s former mansion.

Constituents have even begun collecting signatures for a petition to recall the politician, who they allege demonstrates bias towards outside business interests rather than serving his district, which includes Valley Village, North Hollywood and Studio City, My News L.A. reported. At least 18,536 signatures, or 15 percent of registered voters in the district, are needed by July 26 in order to guarantee his ouster.

Krekorian’s critics say the decision to raze Monroe’s pre-fame bungalow, which belonged to her then-in-laws, was the nail in the coffin for Krekorian, who should have acted to protect the landmark. During World War II, 17-year-old Monroe, a.k.a. Norma Jeane Dougherty, had been living with her in-laws while working as a parachute inspector. Despite its historical and cultural importance to some community members, the city ultimately allowed developer Joe Salem to raze the property last summer.

Krekorian said Friday that the recall is unwarranted. Horacio Arroyo, a project director with the City Clerk’s Office, told My News that four previous attempts to recall politicians in the past decade have all failed. [My News L.A.] — Cathaleen Chen

  • Joseph Montemarano

    I think it’s wrong for people to be upset about the razing of a house
    where a celebrity lived in the 1940s, before she was even a celebrity.
    If it was that important to you, why didn’t YOU buy it? And blaming the
    councilman? Really? The city of Los Angeles has real issues to fix: like all the pot holes in our roads.

    • SZwartz

      If you knew the facts, you might have a different opinion.

  • SZwartz

    The author does a great job is sketching the accurate outlines of this story — like the chalk outlines around a dead boy in a crime movie. The following link describes not only the crimes which culminated in the murder but also the pandemic nature of corruption at the LA City Council.

    http://bit.ly/1jVYoWl October 11, 2015, Zwartz Talk, Valley Village Attacks City Hall Corruption, by Scott Zwartz