TRD’s LA Market Report is almost here

Special supplement to include ranking of top brokerages, profiles of key players and more

Aug.August 23, 2016 02:00 PM

The Real Deal is picking up stakes and heading out west! The inaugural edition of our Los Angeles Market Report will arrive in L.A. in early September, with additional distribution in the New York market.

Our newest special issue will shine a spotlight on the City of Angels, with in-depth coverage of the residential and commercial real estate scenes in neighborhoods from Downtown to the ocean, and from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. We’ll rank the area’s top brokerages and biggest commercial developments, while profiling key local players.

We’ll also be diving into a hotel building boom that is slated to put thousands of new rooms on the market, and chronicling  celebrity homes trades.

To receive your copy of the Los Angeles Market Report, email [email protected]. And, for daily coverage of the L.A. market, visit TRD LA. — TRD

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