The Real Deal Los Angeles

The Real Deal’s January issue is live!

Inside: LA County's condo boom, a sitdown with Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch and more
January 12, 2017 11:30AM

At The Real Deal, we’re ushering in the new year with a sprinkling of hope tempered by a smattering of caution.

Our January issue greets the new year by zooming in on one of Los Angeles’ most spectacular turnarounds: Hollywood. The neighborhood has emerged as a hive of creative offices and urban living. Yet this area also gave birth to the anti-development ballot measure that is rattling real estate investors, known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative.

We delve into L.A. county’s condo building boom, which could help alleviate the well-known housing shortage, but questions abound as to whether Angelenos will be lining up to buy the new luxury units.

We spotlight some exciting areas — from the Hollywood Hills, to Santa Monica, to Anaheim.

Although the outlook for luxury retailers is soft nationwide, building owners are commanding top dollar retail leases and investment sales on L.A.’s high streets. We highlight the mega-deals for L.A. mansions, and the homes being offered for sale by celebrities.

Finally, we sat down for newsmaker interviews with Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch, and prolific developer Nelson Rising.

There’s something for everyone in our January L.A. magazine. Enjoy the issue!