“Million Dollar Listing LA”: Rentin’ ain’t easy

Recap of Season 10, Episode 8

Dec.December 29, 2017 02:30 PM
David Parnes and James Harris

In this week’s episode of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” our fearless band of brokers learn the valuable lesson of persistence.

David and James try to get in the door at Ten Thousand, a recently completed rental tower where exclusive brokers aren’t invited. Madison scrambles to find a rental on Malibu Road, though his client’s six-digit budget may not cut it this late in the season. And Tracy is helping her client-friend make the transition from landlord to seller.

Here’s where we left off.

Persistent AF

The dynamic duo of David and James are back this episode, trading in a relic of a home in Beverly Hills for a sleek, amenity-laden rental tower on Santa Monica Boulevard. Dubbed “Ten Thousand,” the rental is packed with state-of-the-art features, like an in-house robot named CHARLEY. Oh, and there’s a complimentary breakfast bar and a Botox room. Yes, there’s a dedicated space where a certified professional can deliver your quarterly dose of Botox after you pick up your free bagel. This is Los Angeles, after all.

It’s all so shiny and new that D+J want a piece of it! Only that’s not happening. After dangling the building in front of them, Ten Thousand’s managing director Jennifer informs them she won’t be giving them the exclusive on the building, because nobody’s going to get the exclusive on the building! All rentals will go through the leasing office because, as Jennifer waxes poetic, “We do not connect or partner with other brands to sell our brand.”

How rude!

This doesn’t prevent David and James from bringing client after client to Ten Thousand, in the hopes they’ll force feed their way into the building. Their persistence is paying off, as they’ve secured two tenants from their first batch of showings. This catches the attention of Jennifer, who is willing to make an exception for Ten Thousand’s crazy, off-the-charts, jaw-droppingly beautiful penthouse. The two brokers deploy enough “oohs” and “aahs” during the walkthrough that Jennifer caves and awards them the exclusive on the 41st-floor spread.

Even she knows it’s going to take a real pro to find someone for a $65,000-a-month rental.

Malibu boo

Rejoice! Cody is now a member of Madison’s household. It’s reassuring to see that trip to Scottsdale wasn’t for nothin’.

“It’s official — Cody’s moved in,” Madison says. “And I’m officially loving it!”


Just as the two lovebirds are about to uncork a bottle of wine, Madison receives a call from his friend Tricia. Tricia, a wealthy socialite who flies private and owns a boat, has $200,000 to spend on a rental on Malibu Road for two months. The only issue is that it’s super late in the season and Madison has rented out most of his inventory. Minor detail!

Despite this headache, Madison “pulls some stops” and “makes some calls” and finds Tricia a five-bedroom beachfront home within her budget. She’s not really feeling the open bathroom concept (which, to be fair, is a little weird) and for the love of God, the dinner table only seats eight! How is she supposed to host the blowout of the season?

Left with few to no options, Madison reaches out to his client Emily, who lives on Malibu Road and will be traveling the two months Tricia needs a home. Emily seems all for it, but only because she’s under the impression that Tricia is willing to fork over $250,000 a month to live there. How will she make up for this massive shortfall? Deep pockets, Madison supposes.

“A quarter of a million dollars is not in Tricia’s budget,” he says. “But she’s got the pocketbook, if she falls in love with it.”

Doesn’t seem like a solid strategy.

But naturally, Tricia falls in love with the home, though she doesn’t know how much this beachfront paradise is going to set her back. She inquires in front of Emily, making for a terribly awkward situation for Madison, who should’ve just jumped off the balcony into the ocean and swam away at that point. Both the women are equally miffed, but ultimately settle on $400,000 for the two months.

Sneaky, sneaky Madison.

Elsewhere in the episode…

Josh Flagg’s “dream clients” Troy and Kelly are back, much to our excitement and entirely to his chagrin. Apparently the inspection on the home they’re purchasing came back with a litany of problems — $100,000 worth, that is. Of course Troy wants the seller to cover them, but of course that is never going to happen because even Josh can admit that the buyer is responsible for some of those issues. At first the seller’s representative is appalled by the “Christmas wish list” Josh brings him, but they ultimately agree to split the price 50/50.

Tracy hooks up with her friend Heidi, who is the landlord of two neighboring homes in the Hollywood Hills. She’s ready to get rid of them so she can spend more time with her kids and less time cleaning up after porn stars, club promoters and party-goers. Heidi initially thinks the properties can fetch $15 million, but some tall trees and pesky power lines aren’t doing her any favors. Tracy’s husband Jason helps convince her to list the property for $14 million. After showing the homes to a long line of developers, Tracy brings Heidi an offer for $13.5 million, which is a fantastic start! Only Heidi has caught the development bug, and — PLOT TWIST! — wants to develop the properties on her own. Tracy is flabbergasted at first, but she doesn’t want to pass up that commission later on down the road.

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