Need to make a luxury house stand out? The feature brokers say works every time

Get you a resort-style pool

(Credit from left: Roger Norton, Pxhere)
(Credit from left: Roger Norton, Pxhere)

Give buyers a dream pool and they’re all in — though that does not necessarily mean in the water.

Buyers are increasingly favoring a resort-style island, a dining area or sitting area, that’s built into or on top of their pools, according the Wall Street Journal.

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“It’s more about engaging with the pool itself,” than swimming, landscape architect Kurt Kraisinger told the Journal about the increasing interest in having sunken rooms that puts people on eye-level with the pool water. Construction for the amenities don’t come cheap–costs begin at $25,000 and, in 2016, U.S. homeowners shelled out $2.7 billion on pool construction–but returns run high too.

In the Los Angeles market, homes asking more than $20 million can demand a $5 to $10 million premium depending on the quality of the pool and the view will often seal the deal, brokers say.

“Even if you use that pool once a year, [an elaborate pool] gives you a feeling that you’re going to enjoy your life,” LA agent Rayni Williams told the Journal. [WSJ]Erin Hudson