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McDonald’s to spend $6B updating restaurants nationwide

Upgrades include digital self-order kiosks and new counters for table service
August 15, 2018 09:00AM

McDonald’s new flagship restaurant in Chicago

McDonald’s is making a supersized effort to modernize its restaurants across the country.

The ubiquitous fast food joint and its franchisees plan to spend $6 billion renovating and updating its U.S. restaurants by 2020. Much of that will be spent incorporating tech and infrastructure to cater to new trends in fast food, the Associated Press reported.

The new restaurants will feature digital self-order kiosks, digital menu boards, new counters to allow for table service, and designated parking spots for pick up via mobile ordering. They’ll also have new interior and exterior designs. The chain will give its McCafe coffee and breakfast brand more real estate at its locations.

The Chicago-based company operates just over 14,100 restaurants across the country. Divided among them equally, the $6 billion investment would average $424,000 per restaurant.

McDonald’s opened a new flagship restaurant in Chicago last week that includes many of the features that will make their way to locations around the country over the next two years. Designed by Ross Barney Architects, the glassy 19,000-square-foot restaurant also includes trees and solar panels.

Last month, the chain completed an expansion of delivery service via Uber Eats to 5,000 restaurants in the U.S. and 12,000 worldwide. [CNBC] – Dennis Lynch