Patrick Carroll charged with gun possession and evasion of LA police

Multifamily mogul says on social media his behavior gives him courage to make big deals

Patrick Carroll Faces Gun and Evasion Charges in LA Court
Patrick Carroll (Instagram)

Multifamily investor Patrick Carroll arrived at Los Angeles court Friday appearing to hold himself accountable for the actions that led to his arrest earlier this week by Los Angeles police.

Carroll, who was released from jail late Wednesday afternoon, faces charges of carrying a loaded firearm in public and evading police, according to court records. A surety bond for $75,000 was also posted Friday, court records show.

As Carroll stood outside court in downtown Los Angeles Friday, he acknowledged his actions earlier in the week to social media followers, while also digging his heels in to say his behavior has allowed him to succeed in other parts of his life.

“No one’s fucking perfect, OK,” Carroll told followers. “The other night was not a fucking smart thing on my part by any imagination. Shooting off guns is not. But sometimes I do things and I don’t really at the time understand the consequences, but guess what? That also gives me the courage to walk into a boardroom with no college degree and raise gazillions of dollars on Wall Street. So, it’s not all bad.”

He would later hop back onto social media following Friday’s proceedings to lament public buildings, courthouses and jails as “shit.”

“You know they had me, a self-made fucking hero, wearing two right sandals for three days and didn’t care,” he told followers of his jail experience. “They laughed at me. These pigs laughed at me. They laughed at me when I asked for water.”

A spokesperson for Carroll, reached Friday, declined to comment on the matter.

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In the time since his release, Carroll has been active on social media, including telling followers the press surrounding his arrest has been “BS” before admitting he was arrested and charged “for that stuff.”

He also seemed to suggest in the hours following his release that this week’s incident may have been the result of fatigue.

“Maybe I do have a screw or two loose, but it’s not drugs and alcohol heaven forbid,” he said in a post Wednesday. “I’ve just been working too hard to take any fucking time for myself to get, you know, talk to anybody. So maybe I will. I don’t know. I’ve got nothing going on for the Fourth [of July] so I might as well see what this California, you know, doctor system’s all about.”

His next post indicated his location was in Westwood at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Earlier this year, the multifamily mogul underwent a court-ordered mental health evaluation in Florida after a neighbor reported gunshots near his home. He was also arrested for felony battery in October after two employees at the Gold Rush Cabaret in Miami accused him of assault.

Carroll is the founder and former CEO of real estate investment firm Carroll Organization, which he started in 2004. He sold the business last year to RMR Group for $80 million in a deal that closed in December. Since then, Carroll has been touting a YouTube channel where he provides real estate and business advice.

A judge has set Carroll’s preliminary hearing in Los Angeles for July 30.

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