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July 02, 2009 01:07PM

Chinese drywall problems hit already-battered market
My home and family have been affected by the Chinese Drywall and we have been forced to vacate our home due to both health issues and mechanical issues with potential fire hazards. I have had no luck getting responses from either Mark Warner or Nye’s offices, nor any response from my lender for a workout plan. I am hearing, from an attorney, they one of the Florida homes that was rebuilt has been experiencing some of the same issues and they believe that the sulfer has saturated into the concrete and the studs and fear that removing and replacing the drywall will not fully rectify the problem, but that tearing down and rebuilding might be the only option. That’s a scary thought. I too would like to see some more political action taken. The article on the IRS tax deduction is useless. Unless you make more in a year than the cost to rebuild your home, I don’t see how a tax deduction pays for the expense of the testing, repairs, lawyers, alternative housing and expenses, etc…..!

What tips do you have for Ruth Madoff in her search for a new home?
Leave New York City and look in Miami. They’re so desperate down there that to sell or rent an apartment that even a Madoff would be welcome.