The Real Deal Miami

Sellers adjust to market expectations

September 14, 2009 11:29AM

Patience and preparation are the key to successful home sales in a market where foreclosed homes are a source of fierce competition. South Florida real estate professionals counsel patience, preparation and perking up a home, then making it clear that purchasing a property in good standing will avert may potential pitfalls bargain hunters may overlook in the quest for the lowest price available. Buying a house is stressful and difficult at the best of times, and Jon Klein, a real estate agent in Coral Springs, says most buyers want something that’s been taken care of, and they’re willing to pay extra. But not too much, cautions Terry Story, an agent with Coldwell Banker in Palm Beach and Broward counties, who says a $400,000 foreclosed house can be passed over for a well-maintained home selling for $425,000 but not $475,000.