An Ivanka and Jared pre-nup

From the October New York issue: It’s the New York real estate marriage of the century: Later this month, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are set to get married before 500 guests in a ceremony at the Trump National Golf Club.

Jared, the boy-wonder publisher who made a name for himself when he bought the New York Observer, is the son of Charles Kushner, founder of the multi-billion-dollar real estate empire Kushner Companies, where Jared is also an executive. Ivanka, of course, is the daughter of The Donald and a vice president at the Trump Organization.

Industry folk think a union between the two is almost guaranteed to result in a real estate powerhouse. The question on some minds as the real estate golden boy and girl prepare to marry: What would a prenuptial agreement between the two look like?

Paul Weltz, a partner in the law firm Weltz & Weltz who has worked on numerous celebrity prenuptial agreements, said a prenup between Jared and Ivanka would probably be incredibly detailed, since there is “theoretical,” or inherited wealth involved.

“When I do a prenup, I want to take a theoretical photograph of what A is going into the marriage with and what B is going into the marriage with, so it’s defined for all time,” said Weltz.

Herewith, then, is a snapshot of what a prenup between the couple might look like. Any similarities between this document and one that is actually legally binding or based in fact are purely coincidental.

Marital Agreement

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JARED KUSHNER (“JARED”), and IVANKA TRUMP (“IVANKA”), hereby agree on this 1st day of October in the year 2009, as follows:

A. JARED and IVANKA plan to be married to each other on or about October 25th, 2009.

B. The parties intend and desire by this Agreement to define their respective rights in the property they now hold and in that property they may acquire after marriage.

C. JARED’s current holdings include: Ownership of the New York Observer (purchased for $10 million in 2006; present-day value unknown); a stake in the Kushner Companies’ real estate portfolio, which comprises 8 million square feet of space and includes properties such as 666 Fifth Avenue (purchased for $1.8 billion in 2006; present-day value unknown).

D. IVANKA’s current property holdings include: a Park Avenue apartment reportedly worth $1.2 million and an ownership stake in “Ivanka Trump,” a jewelry line.

E. JARED’s future holdings probably include a substantial chunk of the assets associated with the Kushner Companies’ holdings, reportedly valued at around $2 billion.

F. IVANKA’s future holdings probably include a substantial chunk of the assets associated with her father’s businesses and real estate holdings, which Forbes valued last year as being worth $2.9 billion.

G. At an unspecified future date, when JARED and IVANKA’s plans for real estate domination come to fruition, all Abu Dhabi projects will be branded TRUMP enterprises; all Dubai projects will be branded KUSHNER enterprises; and all European and American properties will be re-branded under the J-VANKA HOLDINGS umbrella.

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