Caribbean Miami Beach condo project foreclosed, mortgage lender fees generating record profits … and more

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Oct.October 09, 2009 05:09 PM

1. South Beach oceanfront condo project Caribbean Miami Beach is being foreclosed on [Condo Vultures]
2. The Postcard Inn in St. Pete Beach to gain New York City BBQ master [Eater] 
3. Loews’ Miami Beach hotel to undergo $50 million renovation [Miami Herald]
4. Lennar to host “Seven Days to Save” sales event [Larry Vershel press release]
5. Fort Myers multi-family community sees Dallas-based REIT investment [Housing Wire]

6. Fed divided over when to raise interest rate [NYT]

7. With $54 billion more in losses than it can withstand, FHA bailout looks likely [Bloomberg]

8. Experts say rate of return still justifies property investment
9. Real estate professionals increasingly turn to high-tech programs to enhance business [ABC News] 
10. More banks shying away from short sales [Business Week via Realtor Magazine] 
11. Goldman Sachs Group looks to sell first commercial mortgage bond since June 2008 [NYT] 
12. Mortgage lender fees generating record profits [Huffington Post] 
13. Critics say that home foreclosure efforts aren’t doing enough [Business Week via Yahoo!]

Zillow and Trulia report nationwide home price cuts [U.S. News and World Report via Realtor Magazine] 
15. Fannie and Freddie aiming to assist growth of independent mortgage lenders [Business Insider] 
16. Corporate housing rentals riding out tough market [Realty Times] 
17. Commercial loans increasingly seeking special servicing [Housing

18. NYU frat house on the market for $17.3 million [EV Grieve]

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