The Real Deal Miami

Miami comes in 19th in Energy Star rankings

March 25, 2010 09:34AM

Fifty-four Miami buildings have been awarded the Energy Star from the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency. The building save approximately $12.6 million
in total energy costs, along with a 10,800-metric-ton savings in emissions of
greenhouse gases per year. The total gives the city the 19th-highest
number of Energy Star buildings of all U.S. cities. The number of such
buildings rose 40 percent nationwide in 2009. Buildings must be in the
top 25 percent of buildings in America to receive the designation. Lakeland, Fla., between Tampa and Orlando, came in at number seven on the
list, with 120 Energy Star buildings, though their total floor space
was only 11.5 million square feet, less than Miami’s 12.3 million. [SFBJ]