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Hundreds evicted in Lauderhill without warning

June 23, 2010 03:15PM

Brampton Court

Hundreds of tenants at a Lauderhill apartment complex say they’ve been handed eviction notices demanding they leave their homes in just three days. The eviction of tenants at the Brampton Court apartments comes after the discovery of myriad safety violations at the complex, city officials say. The eviction of all tenants on the second, third and fourth floors was ordered after inspectors discovered that there was no way for residents to escape the buildings in the event of an emergency. City officials said that they had attempted to communicate with the management company about the violations, but that they had been uncooperative. “Several attempts to work with Brampton’s management company and attorneys… to make at least temporary fixes since March have been made,” the city said in a written statement, “and thus far contractors sent in by Brampton’s representatives have been unlicensed and uninsured.” [WPLG]